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3 natural ways to manage seasonal depression

3 natural ways to manage seasonal depression
Many people don't need medication to treat symptoms, and find home remedies to be effective. Here are 3 ways you can relieve symptoms of SAD without medication: 1. Light box therapy. The first line of treatment for seasonal depression is usually a
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Dancing eases grief, brings joy back to group of widows
He'd been in treatment three years. Numbed by grief, both Levison and Stawick found … The death of a spouse is considered one of the most stressful things that can happen in a lifetime, said Dr. Michelle Riba, professor of psychiatry and associate
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Champion liar; golf cart death; drink and lose your Medicaid
River otters have thrived in the lower Midwest, said Bob Bluett, a wildlife biologist with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He said the otters have fared better than had been predicted, moving along waterways into agricultural areas and
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