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5 Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for detox and weight loss. Brock shares 5 reasons to start your day with 1-2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar. http://face…
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WATCH MY ALL NATURAL BEAUTY “BerRiE BOOT your SKIN series” here!! Apple cider vinegar…


  1. I drank water with 1 spoon ACV and it got me stomac pains. Do you know if
    water with lemon is less harmful to the stomac?

  2. If your body is in an “Acidic State” adding more acid will make it more
    acidic NOT alkali
    you are therefore wrong or at least your explanation of how it works is
    wildly misleading and incorrect

  3. Detox is bullshit. If your liver and kidneys didn’t detox you every day you
    would die. You can’t just make stuff up and sell it as fact. You are conmen
    even if you believe your own made up nonsense. If you want to know if
    something works you need to test it not just assume that it works because
    it makes sense.

  4. I also hear that is good for dog ear infection and it did wonders for my
    friends dog.
    it has to be Bragg though, my friend told me. I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. if you eat a miracle berry before you drink it, apple cider vinegar tastes
    interesting straight.

  6. There is a ton of misunderstanding and misinformation in the comment field
    about alkalizing the body. Alkalizing the body is an old-school myth in
    the alternative health field, an over-acid or over-alkaline condition being
    present only in states of ill-health (yes, BOTH conditions; being too
    alkaline *will kill you*). Both extremes are also *rare* (such as diabetic
    ketoacidosis). “Yes,” certain foods may be considered “alkaline forming”
    in the body based on mineral content. But to attempt to alter one’s pH, in
    my example specifically relating to blood pH (different organs have
    different pH) is doing nothing more than taxing the body unnecessarily. *Respiration
    self-regulates pH*. The sooner people really take the time to learn and
    accept this, the sooner we can focus on other areas that are much more
    relevant to overall superior health. This comment is not directed at the
    video, it is directed at the comment field. I use ACV myself often.

  7. So yeah wake up in the morning shower and shave and drink a glass of apple
    cider vinegar and in the afternoon you can look like Brock LOL just
    but I’ve been drinking this for years as well as 2 tbs. of olive oil
    around noon the snack on some figs in the evening and man does it help

  8. I drink apple-cider vinegar when I get heart-burn. It’s very rare for me to
    get heartburn, but this fixes it, without the use of pills. I don’t believe
    in Acid Reflux Disease. That’s just an imbalance in your body.

  9. a very heavily edited video! Tell me do you have proof of these 5 reasons
    or is it just something you read & decided to do a video on it?

  10. I am the one that figured out there is no way anyone can prove that
    cholesterol doesn’t cause diabetes and autism… bc the experiment has
    never been done by anyone except me.

  11. Not sure how an acid (which is what vinegar is) helps “alkalize” the body.)
    Can you please explain? Thanks.

  12. Vinegar of any kind is an ACID not an alkaline! It is Acetic acid! Lemon
    juice, with makes Vitamin C, is also known as ASCORBIC ACID. Your
    chemistry is wrong. An alkaline is a base, not an acid. So an acid and a
    base, when mixed together, will nueatralize each other and make salt. An
    example of an alkaline is baking soda,(Sodium Bicorbonate) or Epsom salt
    (Magnesium sulfate) These are a base, not an acid. By taking a bath in
    baking soda and epsom salt, your body will absorb, via the skin (not the
    stomach) the magnesium in the epsom salt and thus become alkaline. While
    lemon juice maybe healthy for you, you are NOT taking an alkaline, but an
    acid. Your chemistry is all wrong.

  13. I mix a shots worth of Braggs ACV with some cinnamon, raw honey, and
    cayenne pepper not the best tasting but it goes down quick and I wash the
    taste out with some juice. Feel like a million bucks! 

  14. As soon as it hits your acidic stomach, wouldn’t the acid automatically
    nullify the alkaline properties?

  15. //ccordingly, if your suffering from an attack of acidosis, drinking water
    with lemon juice will cure it, even though lemon juice is highly acid//

    Craziest thing I’ve ever heard. These health nuts don’t know what the hell
    they are saying.

  16. is it harmful to not mix it with water? I normally just take one
    tablespoon without mixing it with water

  17. Ok very good. Now were can I purchase the one your using, any grocery
    store, do I need to go on line etc…Thanks

  18. One thing I can tell this brand is the most popular and most selling brand
    in America (I use it too), I bet this company BRAGG must be a multi
    billionaire. In every video clips everyone just talking about this
    particular brand I always wonder if this is the company’s scheme to pass on
    their commercial through youtube. If someone knows please let me know.

  19. nice video and very helpful, just curious how old you are cuz I’m 34 and
    wondering if this would help me somehow if I start now

  20. I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and have tried about everything, I just
    starting using braggs on my skin about 4 days ago and I am almost healed!!!
    This is exciting, I hope the redness goes away, the painfulness and flaking
    is now completely gone and my skin is very soft but is still reddish. Any
    ideas on how to get rid of the red tone of my skin or is that from damage
    of using topical prescribed medicines for over 8 years?

  21. I think that this is a myth. The notion that a drink can help you lose
    weight is the stuff of fantasy. To lose weight you need to take in less
    calories each day over periods of months. The process of weight loss is
    enhanced through daily exercise.

  22. “It basically heals your body”… yeah right…I like to drink vinegar far
    before it becomes vinegar.. :)

  23. Thanks for tjis very informative video. I just Braggs brand raw aple cider
    vinegar.I have 3 question if you can kindly answer then to clear my
    Q1- Does this specific brand Braggs raw apple cider vinegar have trace of
    alcohol in it ?
    Q2- For how long we should drink apple coder vinegar for weight loss. Or we
    can take it all our life?
    Q3- Is that ok for kids to drinks like 4 years old kid?

    Thank you :)

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  25. I use one tbl spoon and 7 drops of essential lemon oil mixed with half
    liter of water. after I washed my hair i pour that mixture on my hair
    without rinsing it after, wrap it in the towel and thats it. it gives me
    VERY VERY VERY shiny hair and it makes it so silky and just beautiful. 🙂

  26. Hello! Have you considered – Stolten Surefire Slimdown Sniper(do a search
    on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my m8 got
    amazing weightloss with it.

  27. its my first time drinking this and i just poured like and inch of it in my
    water bottle xD oops lolol 

  28. Anyone have boils on their arms? Doctor gives you cortisone cream that
    doesn’t work? Have insatiable itching? All caused by acetic acid.

  29. ACV is great. Organic Coconut Oil and Cayenne Pepper are also great with a
    plethora of benefits. This chick is so bubbly and adorable as well. Ha

  30. For the toner, is there any way you could add a few drops of an essential
    oil (Like lavender or another one?) to make the smell a little more
    tolerable? If you don’t like the smell of the vinegar.

  31. In some people acetic acid comes out through their skin in the form of
    boils that form bc of itching.

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