Atkins Diet

5 Unhealthy, Even Dangerous, WeightLoss Diets

5 Unhealthy, Even Dangerous, WeightLoss Diets
We're forever in search of a quick and easy way to lose weight. Fad diets seduce us with their promised “drastic” results and implied ease and simplicity, but they're rarely reasonable — or even healthy. These five fad diets of yesterday and today
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10 Novel Ways To Drop The Weight Fast
“One of my favorite tips is to stand up more during the day,” says Susie Garcia, R.D.N., author of "Psyched to be Skinny: How to Stop Emotional Eating, Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss and Keep it Off for Life." An easy way to do it: Use a headset and take
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Get Your Best Body in Two Weeks
There's a lot of info out there about various supplements and their benefits, and it's tough to know which ones have solid science-backed support. Recently, however, a blend of two herbal ingredients—Sphaeranthus indicus extract (from a plant widely
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