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After School Snack Ideas! (Healthy Options!)


What are your favorite healthy snacks? Have you tried any of these?! ♡ LETS GET THIS TO 10000 LIKES =) ♡ SUB TO MEG: ♡ Bikin…
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  1. Im sorry but.. these are not healthy at all..
    -The apples were good but the chocolate chips ruined them.. and you don’t
    need to put that much peanut butter
    -The egg salad was completely unhealthy.. just because eggs have protein it
    doesn’t make them healthy.. trust me google it and the mayo is a terrible
    option too.. and lettuce doesn’t make it any better.
    -The sandwiches were just a no.. your better off making a whole sandwich..
    doing that cute mini thing would take me about 10 minutes.. turkey isn’t
    always the best option also.. ham is probably even worse.. then again the
    protein does not matter… where is the fiber in the sandwich and the
    veggies with fruit.. sorry but not a healthy option ;(

  2. I really don’t want to be mean because she obviously put a lot of effort
    into this but let’s be honest, most of that stuff is not healthy at all,
    and do all americans actually eat so much junk food and peanut butter ? I
    have hardly ever seen someone eating peanut butter where I live ^^ 

  3. Hey guys, here’s an alternative for an actual healthy and quick after
    school snack: an apple
    Yeah, it’s quick, healthy and gives you lots of energy for homework..

  4. Can’t wait to come home from a long day of school and make a bunch of mini
    sandwiches on sticks to enjoy by my lonesome. Seriously just take a piece
    of bread, put something on it, and shove it in your mouth. Boom. After
    school snack.

  5. Let’s be honest here, after school we usually just wanna lay down and go to
    sleep, like really who got time for this, like other people have said just
    grab and apple. Thumbs up if you agree

  6. What’s with all the hate?!? She took the time to make it for you guys and
    you’re being mean. Plus it’s a free country so who cares if she wears
    makeup, I think it looks great!!

  7. I am not sure if this is healthy but I first found them at a fresh market
    and they are green bean chips they are REALLY good a addictive!!

  8. I LOVE your food videos! You are so inspiring, Nikki! I have also decided
    to start adding healthy snack and food ideas to my channel. So fun and
    helpful! You’re so cute and it makes me simply happy just watching you!!
    Hugs, Candice

  9. Love this! Bubble Tea is so delicious, at most froyo shops they have Boba,
    the bubbles in the tea, that you can add on top, and are delicious! 

  10. My favorite healthy snack are slices of cut cucumber with Olive oil and red
    wine vinaigrette or balsamic vinaigrette mixed up with some almonds in a
    bowl. Sooo good and cucumbers are really good for you !! <3 

  11. My favorite snack/treat that I love to enjoy is Frozen Chocolate Banana
    pops. You grab a whole banana(peeled of course), you put a chop stick or
    kabob stick in one end, then you dip/cover it with melted chocolate(dark
    chocolate to be on the healthy side), then you can roll it in crushed
    almonds, peanuts, coconut flakes, anything you want on them- you can add!
    🙂 After that, carefully put them on top of a cookie sheet with parchment
    paper. Let them freeze till they’re all frozen hard. Then enjoy! 🙂 In
    Mexico beaches, these are very popular and sale like crazy! I plan on
    making some tomorrow ^-^ 

  12. Take any frozen fruit, put it in a blender or processor and add some milk.
    It tastes very similar to ice cream because of the consistency! 

  13. ♡♡♡ NEW VIDEO W/ @megsdeangelis is finally LIVE! “EASY HEALTHY SNACK
    IDEAS!” comment telling us your fav snacks!

  14. I think the tea by itself is called Thai tea, and Boba tea is just tea with
    the boba. Thai tea is a milk tea, so maybe that’s what you were going for? 

  15. It’s really awesome to see one of my favourite (Canadian!!) YouTubers and
    one of my other favourite YouTubers colab!! Love you both so so much!

  16. Hi, I just made a video yesterday about my healthy snack/dessert ideas.
    Check them out if you get a chance. Great video! I want to start making
    frozen grapes and the apple with dates. 

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