Which is the most amazing “beauty product” you’ve discovered?

Question by poll: Which is the most amazing “beauty product” you’ve discovered?
I found the perfect cream, I went to buy more and they sent me one…with the formula switched! The idiot company screwed up the formula and added a ton of crap ingredients. But I found another one.

I also have the perfect lip balm that smells yummy, exfoliates lips, gives my lips a perfect matte color and is 100% organic. So I bought a whole bunch before they discontinue them. *sighs*

What about you??
@R Houchi Ooh I have a tinted lip balm by Badger Co! It’s got tint on one end, the other opens to a nutty flavored shimmer so I can try it three ways (1, 2 and 1+2) :o) (I only buy organic, Burt’s Bees has a lot of toxic ingredients for me).
@Fluffy: OMG! DON’T put THAT on your face!! IT WILL WRINKLE YOUR FACE REALLY FAST! :-/ I just googled the ingredients and OMG it’s loaded with toxic parabens & other bad chemicals. Just run all the ingredients by the cosmetics database and see: EWG.org/skindeep/ Nevertheless I gave you TU for answering 🙂

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  1. Oh, this loveeely shampoo that smells amazing. Favorite scent in the world. Its lavender(: I use it even though I dont have color treated hair.. Thats what its intended for haha. That and my burts bee’s tinted lip balms are my favoriteees.

  2. Cerave Moisturizing Cream. My skin is very, how do I put it, picky about what products I can out on it and this cream (Well it’s more like a thick lotion) is magical!!! My face is sooo soft 🙂 And Make up Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick! I am a lipstick junkie and there are soo many colors.

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