Atkins Diet

Amazing Fiber – Cleaning the Pipes!

Chris Powell shows you fast and fun demonstrations of what fiber does in the body, and how it helps ‘clean the pipes’ for a healthy digestive system!!
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  1. Hello, first thank you for your tips and work you do, I’m not english
    speaker and sometimes I can`t get some words. Could you plese write names
    of the plant you showed in that dish.

  2. I love lentils but have trouble digesting them. I think that they also give
    me gas. I heard that the problem that I am having may be because of the
    skin. Is this true? Can I safely consume skin-less lentils (often called
    split peas) as a fiber, without the gas problem? Thanks!

  3. I saw you guys tonight on TLC and I thought it was great. Thank you both
    for this documentary. I am 5’8 and weigh roughly 220. I know that I am over
    weight so for the last two weeks I have been trying to not eat any complex
    carbohydrates. But am finding it hard to find whole grain bread. And I
    don’t know what rice to substitute for white rice. Can you help?

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