Any “Working” Diets or Exercises?

Question by rachel the fashionista!!!: Any “Working” Diets or Exercises?
I run alot, and usually eat healthy and want to lose maybe 10-20 lbs. I need help finding simlpe diets and exercises that can help me.

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Answer by Crys
In response to a simple diet.. I’m from Canada, and I follow Canada’s new food guide. It’s a very good guideline to follow what you should be eating. Remember, half of your diet should be vegetables and fruits.
Here’s a link.. http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/alt_formats/hpfb-dgpsa/pdf/food-guide-aliment/print_eatwell_bienmang_e.pdf
Hope that helps!

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  1. Well First Off U Should Know That Losing Weight(However Much) Is Hard So U Gotta Be Persistent & Determined Because U Can Get Real Discouraged Easily When U Don’t See The Weight Drop Off Drastically.

    1) Drink All Water & Low Calorie Drinks Such As Propel, Gatorade, Powerade, & Thinks As Such. Don’t Get Hundreds Of Calories Just By Liquid Intake.

    2)Cut Out The Majority Of Sweets Or Salty Things That You Don’t Need Because I Know Healthy Stuff Is A Little Pricey & May Not Be In Your Budget So If You Have To Eat Salty Foods Or Things As Such Don’t Eat Large Quantities Of It. Basically If It’s Not Something That If I Don’t Eat This Than It’s Not No Other Option Than Do It But Not If Neccesary Like A Twix( Not Neccesary)

    3) Burn More Than U Consume. Since U Would Need To Burn Thirty-Five Hundred(3500) Calories 2 Lose A Pound. I Would Suggest 500 Calories a Day Which Is 1 Pound A Week. At That Rate U Could Lose 20 To 30 Pounds A Month Depending On How Fast You Lose Weight.

    4) To Lose Weight U Could Go Outside & Run, Stay Inside & Do Crunches, Pushups, Run In Place, & Etc. . It’s Numorous Things U Could Do But U Would Know What U Wanna Do Better Than Anybody. Just Pick Your Hobbies Whether It Be Anything From Boxing To Jump Roping . Because If You Just Go Running Or Something & Don’t Have Somebody To Do It With Or Have An Mp3 Or Something You Will Get Bored Or Something & Not Want To Do It Anymore. Whatever It Is Just Make Sure Your Moving & Burning Calories


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