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Benefits of Beer for a healthy Life | JournalReporter

Benefits of Beer for a healthy Life | JournalReporter
High Vitamin B. Dutch study says that beer contains a high percent of vitamin B, as beer increases vitamin B having more than 30% higher level of vitamin B6 and also a source of vitamin B12 which is very rarely in any of the food.
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10 things you should eat during periods to make life easier | Read Health
Vitamins: There are some vitamins that you can't do without during your periods. Foods rich in Vitamin B6 can help you in reducing symptoms like bloating and control mood swings. So eat lots of pista, broccoli, tomatoes, corn and other fortified
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100 ways to live to 100: tips for a longer, healthier life | Herald Sun
An Oxford University study found taking high doses of vitamin B12, B6 and B9, or folic acid, was associated with less brain shrinkage and better cognitive function in older people with memory problems. Vitamin B12 is credited for keeping your mind
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7 Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better at Night
Fish contains vitamin B6, an important component that can help improve sleep quality. According to Progressive Health, vitamin B6 helps synthesize melatonin, a hormone capable of preserving circadian rhythm. Rich fish sources of this vitamin are salmon
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