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Best Cabbage Soup On The Planet !

You can use this video as a walkthrough guide while making this at home. It’s literally a step-by-step, for the entire process. So you can create this MOST T…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Personally I would’ve cut the cabbage more “bite size”. Do you know if the
    cooking time is affected if the pieces are smaller?

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  3. I think the vegetables are cut way too big for a soup. It wont even be able
    to sit un a spoonful. You should do either a macedoine or a brunoise cut
    for soups.

  4. Glad you like. And thanks for your suggestions. Sounds good to us. Let us
    know how you get on making it up!

  5. Hope it went well! We’ve got a whole host of soup recipes on our site if
    you’re looking for some more ideas.

  6. This done look really nice, though it’s a toss-up what veg the soup is
    named after as there is almost as many carrots and celery as cabbage. I
    will try this though and it will also cook down a bit more and then a
    really good table spoon of very hot curry paste and thicken with, well my
    version of a ‘Rue, just a lump of butter and some flour to make a kind of
    bread mix, then add the soup liquor a few spoons at a time and then tip it
    all in the soup and cook it off for about 4 minutes.

  7. Thanks for the upload. It looks great and really couldn’t get much easier.
    Maybe the only thing I would do extra is use two large onions and fry the
    celery carrots and onions.

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