Brookhaven Retreat?s Founder, Jacqueline Dawes, Introduces A New Therapy Tool

Brookhaven Retreat’s Founder, Jacqueline Dawes, Introduces A New Therapy Tool

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Jacqueline Dawes, founder and owner of Brookhaven Retreat, is excited to introduce a brand new therapy tool. “Tell Me How You Really Feel” is a book that has an assortment of words and pictures, comprised of nature and animals, used to explain how a person is feeling while they are in treatment. It also provides synonyms of the word that may also be used. It is designed so that a woman can enter into therapy and when she is struggling to express her emotions, a therapist can hand her the booklet and tell her to pick out the picture that best describes her. “It is a 55 page feelings book that will show how a woman feels on any given day and where they are going emotionally,” said Jacqueline Dawes.


Inspired: Amazed, Awed, Radiant, Rapturous, Thrilled, and Wonder

Pain: Agony, Anguished, Bereaved, Devastated, Grief, Heartbroken, Hurt, Lonely, Miserable, Regretful, and Remorseful

“Tell Me How You Really Feel” will be included in the upcoming mass mail out that will be targeting licensed female psychiatrists in the United States. In addition, upon admitting into Brookhaven Retreat, all new clients will be given the booklet in their admit bag. During their time in therapy they will be able to use their feelings book to help express their emotions.

The cover of the booklet features an owl. The owl is used because it represents wisdom. After completion of Brookhaven Retreat’s treatment program, each woman will have a greater knowledge about how she can manage her life and emotions once she enters back into her normal routine. This also coincides with Brookhaven Retreat’s exclusive Poncho® program, which gives the women the tools needed to balance their lives. “Just like an owl can see 360° so should a woman about all the areas of her life,” said Jacqueline.

About Brookhaven Retreat

Brookhaven Retreat is a women’s treatment center nestled on a naturally beautiful 48-acre site secluded in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. It has helped hundreds of women across the United States overcome depression, trauma, anxiety, substance use and a range of other behavioral health challenges. Brookhaven’s Founder, Jacqueline Dawes, has predicated its gender-specific treatment on “healing emotional breakage” for women. In this way, she has established a sanctuary and a place where women can feel safe, secure and cared for by a staff of highly trained professionals.

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