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Senators look to 'cement' OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs

Senators look to 'cement' OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs
The proposed legislation would signify a long-term commitment to OSHA's program, which recognizes worksites that exhibit “outstanding” efforts by employers and employees to achieve “exemplary” occupational safety and health performance. To be …
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Facing time: Will criminal prosecutions under the OSH Act become more common?
Agencies such as OSHA and DOJ will benefit from pooling their resources because employers who violate workplace safety and health rules are likely violating other federal statutes that may carry heftier fines, government officials claim. Federal
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Environmentally sound spill containment
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Lastest Organic Food Stores News

Organic Food Store Aims to Inspire Healthy Diets
“Whole Foods meets McDonald's”— that's how Denise Hicks, the founder of the organic foods store Postmodern Foods, described her latest storefront. Located at 2920 M St. NW, the store is just over a month old, yet its young founder and CEO has a strong …
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Walmart, Target, and Aldi are addressing a huge weakness – and it's turning
Big-box retailers and traditional grocery stores are expanding their organic food offerings, and that's bad news for Whole Foods. Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Aldi have all been investing in more organic, gluten-free, and natural foods. In response to
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Aldi is fixing its biggest weakness – and that should terrify Whole Foods
The grocery chain is expanding organicfood brands, removing some artificial ingredients from its products, and adding more gluten-free items in hopes of attracting more health-conscious shoppers. Aldi became one of the world's biggest food retailers
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Organic food CEOs see growth ahead for industry
Comparable-store sales at natural-foods retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) have recently slowed as competition heats up from conventional grocers, discount and club stores like Walmart (WMT) that have expanded into natural and …
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3 natural ways to manage seasonal depression

3 natural ways to manage seasonal depression
Many people don't need medication to treat symptoms, and find home remedies to be effective. Here are 3 ways you can relieve symptoms of SAD without medication: 1. Light box therapy. The first line of treatment for seasonal depression is usually a
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Dancing eases grief, brings joy back to group of widows
He'd been in treatment three years. Numbed by grief, both Levison and Stawick found … The death of a spouse is considered one of the most stressful things that can happen in a lifetime, said Dr. Michelle Riba, professor of psychiatry and associate
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Champion liar; golf cart death; drink and lose your Medicaid
River otters have thrived in the lower Midwest, said Bob Bluett, a wildlife biologist with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He said the otters have fared better than had been predicted, moving along waterways into agricultural areas and
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Whole Foods Market, Inc.'s Worst Business Segment in 2015

Whole Foods Market, Inc.'s Worst Business Segment in 2015
As the year wore on, Whole Foods' management faced the fact that competition from larger grocers, including Kroger Co (NYSE:KR) and Wal-Mart Stores (NYSE:WMT), was a primary factor behind the company's falling comparable-store sales versus simple …
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Whole Foods' Mandeville location could open by April
Those layoffs were expected to affect the company's three south shore locations, but Taylor said they would have no effect on plans for the Mandeville store. A Whole Foods spokeswoman said the company plans to open the store sometime in 2016 and that …
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Lastest Natural Cures For Depression News

Natural Remedies For Anxiety That You Can Start Using Today
The University of Maryland's Medical Center reported lavender has been linked in a number of studies to reducing the effects of anxiety, and can also be used to treat insomnia, depression and fatigue. According to the university, "Research has
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Wilbur Hot Springs emerges from 2014 fire transformed – and not
Six weeks later, with no fewer than 180,000 pounds of debris hauled away, the wrought-iron gate to this Colusa County resort re-opened, and guests once more could soak in the soothing springs, a natural mineral bouillabaisse of sulphate, chloride
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Depression linked with lower breast cancer survival
Depression can also cause poor lifestyle behaviors that can contribute to a greater risk of death, such as chronic stress, unwillingness to comply with treatment and less adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Davies concluded, “Greater social support
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Depression: Light therapy
But this type of depression is a mild, transient, natural mental reaction to usual challenges we encounter and not the clinical disease we call mental disorder. It is when it persists, becomes worse and negatively impacts our daily activities that we

Natural Remedies May Pose Risks To Your Heart: Study

Natural Remedies May Pose Risks To Your Heart: Study
Alternative remedies may seem safe and effective due to their natural components and lack of harsh chemicals. A new report, however, demonstrated how one woman's heart was nearly damaged due to a natural pain relief remedy. Herbal medicines have …
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Do natural remedies really work?
If you search online for alternatives to western medicine, or walk down a natural market medicine aisle, you'll find hundreds of articles, recipes, and uses for essential oils, herbal teas, and other naturally occurring substances. But Dr. Shah warns
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Can natural remedies jeopardize cardiovascular health?
Philadelphia, PA, November 19, 2015 – Chinese physicians report on the case of a woman who presented with aconitine-induced cardiovascular symptoms. Their report, published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, warns that the use of this natural …
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