just coming off a gout attack and im hungary!?

Question by Lm: just coming off a gout attack and im hungary!?
after an early thanksgiving dinner last monday, i awoke the following tuesday with a gout attack in my left big toe.

now, some details are; im 26yrs old and was unaware i could possibly have gout. also i have not seen a physician ( i know i should before i jump to a conclusion ) but my symptoms are spot on with gout.

as of noon last tuesday my foot was in unbearable in pain. and since then i have been couch ridden. any time, for the first 4 days of this attack, just dropping my foot from the elevated position would cause what i describe as the worst pain ive ever felt. as of the last 2 days however the pain has considerably subsided. i still however still choosing to stay home and keeping my foot elevated as much as possible because my foot swells the more i try to walk around, even though i am on crutches now.

now my question is; is it safe to now start in-taking some regular foods? ive done day after day of online research on foods i should be in taking with gout, and have been eating veggies, eggs, gluten free/ whole wheat breads, and water for the past 7 days. as i said, i do feel the symptoms vanishing each day now but am craving a “real meal”. i’d say im about 30 lbs over weight at 200lbs for being 5’9″. so its not necessarily that im craving my “comfort foods”. i just would like to have a bite of meat after a very uncomfortable week.

im looking for advice from others who suffer from gout, and could give me some insight on how long after an attack can i have a burger for example.

thanks for any info!

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Answer by natureboy2k11
I think burger will only cause you a problem if it is mixed with some internal organs like liver which is a gout inducing food. What i can advice to you is to take a snake bone capsule twice a day when your gout attacks again. You can research on it. It is what i took when i suffered gout on my knees. It worked naturally. My gout is gone after a week and i have a good feeling that it will not come back anymore. Just abstain yourself from eating foods with internal organs like liver, intestines, etc and you’ll be safe. About eggs, do not eat the yellow part, just the white. Snake bone capsules can be bought in chinese drug stores. Some malls have chinese drug stores in it.

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