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Cook of the Week: Planning key to healthy family dinners

Cook of the Week: Planning key to healthy family dinners
Kate said planning meals for her large family requires a weekly menu; she notes what to buy at the beginning of the week and when to defrost meats. One of her go-to quick and healthy dishes is Hummus Chicken. Chicken breasts get smothered with …
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Vail Daily column: Marinate, then grill for healthy and quick summer meals
Sodium makes the marinating process move quickly, so the more salt you put in your mixture, the quicker the meat will marinate. Quick cooking seafood benefits from marinating for 20 minutes while bigger cuts should sit longer. An overnight marinade for
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5 Cheap, Healthy, and Easy Ways to Eat as a College Student
College is a magical place, where, if you so choose, you can eat all the crap you want without worrying about scolding from parents about “ruining your appetite.” And local places in college towns know this. It's tough to turn down a large pizza at
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