Atkins Diet

Discover Bulk Foods-Savvy Shoppers

Become a savvy shopper by saving money on unique products in the bulk food aisle!

Robyn, aka GreenSmoothieGirl, gives a tour of how to buy food in bulk.


  1. Unless you live in some fruity state and have a ton of cash to burn, there
    is no point in turning away from the all mighty Big Mac Combo meal.

  2. That is my aunt! No joke! Did any of you guys hear about the healthy chefs
    camp? I was one of the people running it!

  3. Robin, I have your 12 Step program and think it is absolutely the best non
    intimidating introduction to eating whole foods and encouraging your family
    (gradually!) to get with the program. Happy to report Green Smoothies being
    blended in my homw everyday since Nov. 2010 on our new favorite appliance-
    Vitamix! This baby never leaves my counter top 🙂 Thank you for keep’in it
    real and inspiring my family to eat better and live healthier lives!!!!!

  4. I just found Black Quinoa can’t wait to try it. Around here you can usually
    only get white and red. I would never recommend someone use soy beans.

  5. Agree w/artyj135!!! You look great, and thank you for educating us on how
    to better our bodies from the inside, and for sharing Carol with us to
    reveal our true selves on the outside! Blessings!

  6. sprouted live granola sounds delicious 🙂 and I totally agree with you
    about the walnut pieces,chopping nuts is a pain in the butt!

  7. I have three green smoothie a day and I lost alot of weight but I want to
    gain some weight back what can I do please need a answer

  8. Robin I am so glad you told me what I could do @ nite for a bed time snack
    I will be trying chia seeds an water,thanks

  9. Anybody explain to me why I need an alkaline water system hooked up to my
    kitchen sink when all I need to do is put distillled water in a blender to
    ALKALIZE it? And if you disagree with me, I suggest you buy some PH strips
    and test the water before and after it is blended.

  10. Dressing Your Truth is definitely working for you. Thank you for
    introducing it to us via your video with Carol – I am doing it now and
    LOVING clothes for the first time in my life!

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