DIY: Shampoo! Step by step on how to make “no poo” shampoo. It”s natural and great for your hair!

hello, me and my sister Bianca are going to show you how to make your own natural shampoo. Going “No Poo” is very popular so enjoy!
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  1. Your first video? 🙂 you’ve improved your work a lot compared to your first
    ones. You are still cute though :)

  2. This is really good for your hair, but I wouldn’t recommend using the apple
    cider vinegar conditioner every day, maybe 3-4 days a week, and using a
    moisturizing homemade conditioner made from coconut oil, brown sugar (just
    a tiny bit) and lavender + tea tree essential oils (I use Young Living).
    Also, I hate calling it the “no poo” method lol, sounds crazy!

  3. Yah I don’t wash my hair everyday:) and that sounds cool!!:) yeah I have no
    control over what it’s called but its puny 😉 shamPOO, without the harsh
    ingredients is no poo;) but yes it does sound a little weird aha

  4. So we can use the reciept instead of normal shampoo? oh can you make a
    video that show how to make our hair smell good all day

  5. +Kamal Clifton thank you for your comment you made me LOL. And thank you
    for this video it is very helpful!

  6. most of your home remedies for hair uses whole egg. and you have any
    alternative to prevent egg yolk odour pls reply

  7. I tried both.

    Be careful with citrus fruits on your skin. It will kill your natural
    bacteria wich you need as a protective layer against harmfull bacteria and
    If you decide to use the cucumber and lemon mixture, I would recomend that
    you filter it very well, as for example throug a coffee filter. I spend
    about two hours with a fine comb and running water trying to get little
    pieces of cucumber and lemon out of my long hair.

    Although it makes your hair very soft, baking soda is too alkaline for your
    scalp and hair and will ruin your hair and skin in the long run. It also
    kills bacteria that you need for protection on your skin and scalp. Also I
    wouldn’t recommend mixing it as strong as shown in the video. Maybe only
    about one spoon for half a liter of water.

    Thumbs up if you want everyone to see.

  8. The remedy #2 sucks.i love most of your healthy tips but this ones made me
    regreted doing cuz it I leaves lots of lemon pulps and i gone crazy wasting
    my time washing my hair and trying to take off of those cucumber and lemon
    I guess i would suggest it would be nice of you strain the mixture before
    applying it.

  9. baking soda is very alkaline and your normal scalp ph is slightly acidic so
    i dont see how it ‘balances’ anything lol

  10. As u said use lime for your hair I have a doubt that many say that using
    lemon on your hair will cause grey hair hair. How far is that true. And do
    we have any video for growing black hair naturally.

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