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Dukan Diet on ABC NightLine

ABC NightLine reported on the Dukan Diet with an interview with it’s creator, Dr. Pierre Dukan. The Dukan Diet created quite a stir when it was revealed that…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I would Never follow The advices of someone Who Feeds his Dieters Ort
    Patients with sweeteners like aspartam. How stupid is that????

  2. This worked better for me than other diets and I didn’t gain the weight
    back. It is not a quick fix. The third stage lasts 10 days for every kilo
    or 5 days for every pounds. So for 10 kilos it’s 100 days of the third
    phase. That’s not fast!

  3. My advice to anyone trying this: Be prepared for extremely low energy (esp.
    if you’re used to eating carbs), and weird sensations among with
    constipation. Lots of stomach issues while on the attack phase, but after
    about 3 days you will feel the difference.

  4. Don’t know why it isn’t fast. I lost 3 kilos in 5 days. But I do 5 days
    attack phase and 3 days Cruise phase. I rinse and repeat. This diet is not
    as easy as it sounds. 🙂 But it works.

  5. This diet and the Atkins are very similar and in both I lost weight at the
    same rate, the only difference is that Atkins allows you to eat fat which
    makes you feel full and makes food tasty. My doctor check up has been good
    after eating Atkins for 6 months so no negative effects. Dukan on the other
    hand was horrible. No sugar and no fats, the food was always bland and you
    never really felt satisfied. Dukan is good if you hate fat. On the issue of
    maintaining weight after you have reached your goal weight I think Atkins
    is better as well because it sets you up for life, making sure you don’t go
    binging on carbs and gain your weight back, on the other hand Dukan says
    that once you complete the third phase you can eat anything you want as
    long as you do one day of pure protein, like that’s going to help you lose
    all the ice creams and crap people are going to get back to eating. I
    suggest people buy both books or research them online and see which one
    they prefer, Im sticking with Atkins.

  6. I know!! … those people lose some weight because they cut out some
    processed food ( toxic poison) and have to move around more..anybody will
    lose some weight by doing just that…and all Meat are high in FAT no
    matter how “lean” they want to call it.. But they are still chubby looking
    and not fit…it’s just another super unhealthy Atkins diet not much
    different at all…

  7. so far I have lost 17 kg in 3 months and I am really excited!! I am never
    hungry, i never sin and I am very very happy!!!! my goal? another 13kg! 😀
    thanx to dukan I can finally eat and be slim!!!! 😀

  8. Lol, actually, we do say sacre bleu but it’s a derivative of the word
    sacrament we sometimes use as swear. It’s a softer way of doing it….
    kindof like when we say “freaking” instead of “fucking”

  9. i went on this diet for a month before going to acting school and i lost
    about 8 kilos (i was reasonably slim to begin with) so I recommend it.

  10. Very nice, I like that this diet eases you into sustainability and that’s
    the biggest thing. All that weight loss won’t mean much if you gain it back
    in four years. 😛

  11. Hello (: I started this diet today, and I posted my first video also !
    Anyone can check from where I’ll start my new life ! <3 (Sorry for posting
    here ! )

  12. I have dropped 16 lbs in 3 weeks, people look at me like crazy when I carry
    a bucket of KFC. Well they are grilled and I don’t eat the skin. Now i am
    on cruise phase which is not too difficult to follow.

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