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Exercise to Lose Weight? Stay Warm

Exercise to Lose Weight? Stay Warm
If you're hoping that exercise might keep you from gaining weight this holiday season, you may want to dial up the thermostat and do your workout indoors. According to a surprising new study, exercising in chilly temperatures could undermine dieting …
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Here's What Will Make You 10 Times More Likely To Lose Weight
It gets worse when you realize that while two-thirds of Americans will attempt a diet this year, only about 20 percent will actually lose weight and keep it off this year, according to the Loyola University Health System. You might just want to bang
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You can lose weight, just by breathing!
“We encountered widespread misconceptions about how humans lose weight among general practitioners, dietitians, and personal trainers,” they wrote. “Most people believed that fat is converted to energy or heat, which violates the law of conservation of …

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