Atkins Diet

Fat Burning Diets – 12 Foods That Help You Burn More Fat (Click Here For Video 2: 7 Odd Foods That Kill Abdominal Fat! ) 12 Fat Burning Diet Foods That Burn More Fat Having a healthy eati…
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  1. Milk isn’t good for you. the only milk you should drink is the one from
    your mother’s breast, and only when you’re a baby. Milk does indeed contain
    calcium, but it also creates an acidity in the body which pulls calcium out
    of your bones as you age (something which they never tell you, so that you
    can keep buying milk). All kinds of animal fat (especially dairy) increase
    the risk of cancer and they clog up the arteries and veins. There is more
    than enough calcium in plant-based foods like sea moss (an excellent
    source), in broccoli and in all kinds of green vegetables to name a few.

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  3. MILK !!!!! – OMG, you call yourself professionals – your so indoctrinated
    by the dairy industry that your embarrassing – break away and learn about
    the human specific diet not industries specific marketing.

  4. You can get rid of 10 pounds within 1 month, and prevent rebound gaining
    weight by adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Mental attitude is very important for weight loss.
    Set yourself up for success! Stay Tone!

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  11. you can eat anything in moderation! Stay away from processed sugars and
    processed foods like fast foods, (youre allowed to cheat here and there as
    long as you keep exercising) this isn’t hard people, at least 30 min a day.
    DO IT!!! :)

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