Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Quick Cherry Smoothie Recipe; Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

Here is a quick fruit smoothie recipe for you. I made this using my Vitamix Blender. This recipe is really easy to make and it takes only a few minutes to ma…

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  6. This looks great! Miss you chica, hope school is going well for you…I am slammed right now. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be in a groove and not be scrambling to get everything done. You need to do some meditation video’s or something so I can de-stress! 😀

  7. I believe it will make a huge difference and help improve your skin. I am still working on areas of my body and with time, exercise, and a diet with lots of fruits, veggies and water; I will get there and I am seeing results. I am going to do a before and after once I reach my goal. I recommend you do the same. I wish you much success =) Keep me updated

  8. I need to ask you something…you have greatly inspired me and I am started a raw program. I have over 200 pounds to lose. I need to know if the juice with the 4 red peppers helped your skin. I am concerned about excess skin. Please let me know or inbox me please.

  9. After watching your video, I tried cherries in my fruit smoothie. It was sooo good. Thanks for sharing. Keep the vids coming.

  10. awe u r such a sweety for hooking up the old lady. now that i know i overpaid on that case of bananas im gonna hustle to get best deal i can. love u too.  lol

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