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Gluten Free Baking Powder Biscuits

Jalene, founder of, and her husband Dr. Nielsen demonstrate how to bake moist and delicious gluten free (and can be dairy free) baking powde… Jules Shepard walks you through, step by step, how to make light, flaky buttermilk biscuits. Using her renowned Jules Gluten Free…


  1. I am very proud of you guys for helping others. Those biscuits looked very
    yummy, I would love to have your recipe. I also want to point out that rice
    has high levels of arsenic in it(even organic)(I still use it occasionally
    though) but I just wanted to mention it just in case you wanted to know.
    You guys are so cute, and you are doing such a good thing by helping
    others, keep up the good work=))). Sorry about the novel…lol.

  2. MISSINGROGERHOWARTH, You’re right. I apologize if we said it differently.
    Wheat has only been hybridized mass-spread. What we sould have explained is
    when an item is hybridized as much as wheat has been, it can become just as
    dangerous as a GMOd one. We recommend “The Wheat Bellly” for more in depth
    reading. Monsantos has produced a GMO wheat and it has popped up in Oregon
    recently but hopefully it has not affected any other wheat to this point.
    Hope that helps! Thanks for the comments.

  3. Wheat is not genetically modified at present. It is however hybridized,
    which is still horrible. Check out Einkorn Wheat. Einkorn Wheat is
    non-hybridized. but corn, soy, canola,and cottonseed oils are genetically
    modified, along with alfalfa,sugar beets,zucchini, crooked-neck squash, and
    U.S.Papayas. Also,make sure your xanthan gum is not GM, because a lot of
    brands are. Please don’t think I am trying to make you look bad in any way,
    I am not. I just like helping out. Thanks for your video.

  4. +Susan Shaver I love that story! I can totally picture running around the
    house with the pan to show off the biscuits! Thanks so much for letting me
    know of your joy and success!

  5. +sharikay2006 – thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how
    much you enjoyed this recipe! So happy to hear that you are enjoying real
    biscuits again!

  6. +sharikay2006 – thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how
    much you enjoyed this recipe! So happy to hear that you are enjoying real
    biscuits again!

  7. If you make them to often, you will also have that nice round shape. I tend
    to eat the whole batch, before the last one is cool. Umm delicious. Toast
    them for the perfect color. Thanks.

  8. I finally made these biscuits. They are scrumptious!!! I missed having
    bisuits and jam. I am enjoying them now! I thank God every day for people
    like you, Jules, for making our gluten free living easier with your
    products and recipes!

  9. Wow, after being GF for over 9 years I have finally found a biscuit recipe
    that taste so close to the gluten biscuits. This is close to the Popeye’s
    Biscuits that I so loved. This is the only recipe that I will use in the
    future. Just ordered 3 bags of your flour. Thanks.

  10. I’ve heard others compare the taste of these to Popeye’s, which I’ve never
    had. I’m SO glad your 9-year drought is over!

  11. Thanks, Jules! I never thought I would be able to enjoy flaky buttermilk
    biscuits again! You are a wonder! Keep up the great work, please!

  12. Jules, I made these biscuits a few weeks ago and I was absolutely thrilled
    with the outcome. They looked and tasted like my biscuits of old! I was so
    excited that I went running thru the house, with pan in hand, to show my
    husband! He was as excited as I was. Why I hadn’t tried these sooner, I do
    not know. But once again kudos to you……you have been such a blessing to
    the g-f cooking world.

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