Fast Weight Loss Diet

GREAT BELLY FAT DIET – My best diet to lose belly fat

Visit for more info on how to lose your stomach fat. Video reveals my best belly fat d…
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  1. “You are what you eat”
    You truly can burn fat more quickly, more efficient by eating the truth
    good food.

  2. Does diet coke count as sugar?? Cuz I drink a lot of water n drink one can
    of diet coke a day or sumtimes I dnt 

  3. I totally agree with u because its worked for me. I eat the good carbs
    early in the day and elimate them after lunch. The pounds roll off, also
    cutting my eating time off totally by 8:00. Only decaf green tea if i’m
    hungry. I do some yoga, pilates, short walk on the treadmill or another
    mild workout after my last meal. Its not hard but u have to be consistent!

  4. five meals a day is bad for you, if you eat this way it will keep ur
    insulin high through out the day and unless you are a professional
    bodybuilder who spends days and nights in the gym, you will gain weight. 

  5. Jason, Thanks for the video. I like the idea and the short period of time
    to try it. What kind of time periods for your meals? Do you eat after say

  6. +Andrea252410
    *I was once had my cellulite in my butt and thighs Andrea* ^.~
    *Ive tried everything and was deeply frustrated cause it has not*
    *worked out. the program works quickly and allowed my skin to*
    *stay smoother, tighter and sexy forever. I should recommend this*
    *to everyone..:)*

  7. Will avoiding the consumption of oil (olive oil, cooking oil etc.)
    completely help to quicken this process? like 0g of oil

  8. If you are looking to burn calories fast, you should look up on google
    “Xylphlike Fat Loss”. You are bound to get the body you deserve…….

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  11. hey, hey guys STFU with the advertising of other diets, make your own damn
    video about it instead of using other people to promote yourselves

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