Heart Healthy Cumin Fish Recipe

Heart healthey cumin fish recipe using canola oil. Heart and Stroke Association cooking show in partnership with Manitoba Canola Growers.
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These recipes are easy and will make your waistline happy .
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  1. This recipe is cool!!!

    Wanna learn how to make Beer Battered Fish?

    Those two hungry cops are teaching there brilliantly, I am sure you are gonna like the video.

    I personally love there video and the exact video name is “2 Hungry Cops – Beer Battered Fish”

  2. Stay away from canola oil. “By nature, these rapeseed oils (canola), which have long been used to produce oils for industrial purposes, are… toxic to humans and other animals” Also most canola like soy and corn is genetically modified. So DON’T eat it… read every food label.. Many varieties of nuts or mixed nuts are cooked in canola eliminating all their health benefits. The government and industry know canola is toxic that’s why it’s cheap and plentiful… sick people are BIG business

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