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How healthy are dried fruits really?

How healthy are dried fruits really?
Highly praised as great snacks, dried fruits are a very common substitute to regular fresh fruits, due to their smaller size and a their extended sell by date. The trap most of us fall into is that we tend to consume more dried fruits than fresh fruits
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Get Serious Acai Berry Benefits For Hair & Skin With These 3 Beauty DIYs To
Though this vibrantly colored fruit is pretty much only found in Amazon rain forests, you don't need to pay top shelf prices to get the benefits of acai berry for beauty. Instead of snagging store-bought creams and serums, you can make your own DIY
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Demystifying Superfoods in the marketing age
After a brief study of the Internet provided a good list of superfoods and the benefits each claims to provide, I purchased a few with the intent of starting each of the next seven days with a superfood shake. That's a thing, right? Sure. I purchased
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