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How to Start a Raw Food Diet!

Want to start a raw food diet? Now is the time! Here are 10 easy ways that you can start succeeding in living a FullyRaw lifestyle!…


  1. How can you eat this much fruit and lose weight? I’m very heavy and i
    would like to try this but I’m scared to eat so much fruit. I don’t want
    to gain weight, I have already lost 37 pounds! 🙁 Someone help!

  2. I started my raw food diet last month and have been doing great. The only
    issue I keep running into is the chicken. It keeps giving me bad diarrhea
    and vomiting any suggestions ?

  3. What can we do to get enough protein and b12 as well as other vitamins that
    may be difficult to get on a raw food diet? Do you recommend supplements or
    are there raw foods out there containing them?

  4. I have to lose at least 40 lbs. I have elevated cholesterol and blood sugar
    so this lifestyle seems perfect for me I don’t have any ideas how to get
    started or where I could find a food op place so I can afford this
    lifestyle on a daily basis.

  5. I would like to go on an all raw diet. But, I don’t think I would want to
    stay on it 24/7 (365 days a year). So, is this something that I could do
    maybe 3-5 days out of the week and then the other days maybe I could eat
    meat dishes?!!? But, yet, STILL have a lot of health benefits?!!? And, one
    of the things that scares me the most is that if I was to go FULLY raw in
    my diet and then, later on, I was to go OFF of it a little (or, all the
    way), that my body would violently react to the fact that I was eating
    meats again. I have a friend who is usually always eating nothing but raw
    foods. And, when he came to visit me from out of state, he ended up eating
    a little meat while at my Mom and Dad’s house. He then got a severe stomach
    ache and got really sick from his’ eating meat. So, I guess that’s why I
    would want to never TOTALLY go meatless (at least for a long period of
    time). That’s why I want to eat meatless only 3-5 days out of the week, I
    guess (and NOT go all the way vegetarian). Was just wondering if I would
    still reap a lot of the benefits from eating raw if I didn’t do this 24/7.
    Any advice?!!? Thanks!!! (=

  6. I’m glad she’s doing this channel because I’m getting a few ideas,
    especially when it comes to juices and smoothies. I’m eating about 70% raw,
    however I like to have some chicken, prawns or salmon in my salad about 2
    or 3 times a week. And to be honest (folks in Britain will understand
    this), sometimes at the end of the week all you want is go to the pub with
    your friends and have a few glasses of wine with a burger. I think it’s all
    about balance, I know I couldn’t do it 100% (that would be a social
    suicide), but it’s good to eat clean during a “normal” week. 

  7. I would eat tofu for protein its really good though! but i really want to
    do do this diet :)

  8. Me and my hubby do daily vlogging on our channel and we are getting ready
    to be wed this december we actually were looking into trying a raw diet as
    a lifestyle change. I will definetly watch more of your videos before we
    make the jump :)

  9. Does this mean I can’t eat bacon cuz if so then I’m screwed. I will start
    thinking this is bullcrap if so. 

  10. Hi i just want to ask about weight lifting exercises. I really want to take
    on this life style but im worried that im gonna get super skinny and loose
    a lot of muscle. How do i make sure that doesnt happens? or is it imposible
    to keep a muscular body with this diet.

  11. The raw food diet isn’t the healthiest because you don’t have the data that
    you need, the salt or the other foods groups you need in your daily diet. 

  12. Can I just say, exercise caution here. I started on this diet and after day
    two it gave me diorrhea and terrible wind and pains! Too much fruit is not
    good for you if you’re not used to it so it’s wise to introduce slowly.

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