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Kava – The drink of the gods from 1998 Full Movie documentary documentation Englisch

Wonderfull movie about kava kava. The only one I know of…. !! From 1998. I hope there are know issues of copyright. But shoulf be OK. If not please Mail me…

Learning about kava goodness at Vanuatu Kava Bar in Asheville, NC with Andrew.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I heard kava consumption may cause serious liver damage as a side effect.
    Is it true? I really want to try it.

  2. Kava cures anxiety and insomnia which is why doctors HATE it, they want to
    give us their drugs for a price.

  3. Yaqona or kava is a medicine to treat many type of ailment include cancer
    and flue it can kill many kinds of viruses also

  4. Thank you for loading this movie/docu, seeing my Dad in here made it look
    like he’s still alive, missing you and wishing with all of me that you were
    here to meet and see your grandkids. Love you papa..Rest in paradise and
    see you and Mama soon xxo

  5. taking a few shells to the skull while watching this 🙂 kava is beautiful,
    kava helped me cut back on an expensive marijuana habit, and completely cut
    out using drugs such as alprazolam and oxycodone.

  6. Been looking for this for years. Thanks man! Kudos to you!> Was just about
    to buy it ><" onlinefilm org/-/film/32356

  7. Kava works better than Valerian. Lemon Balm works better than Valerian but
    not better than Kava.

  8. He was right on target when he said kava has a reverse tolerance. I didn’t
    feel anything for the first 3 or 4 times drinking it. In fact I almost gave
    up on kava. At last I tried a large dose and got stoned out of my mind. Now
    every time I drink I get stoned. It’s like a bucket of ice gets poured over
    my brain! Oh and it taste nothing like chocolate milk. 

  9. I highly recommend drinking Kava-Kava. I prefer coconut water to cleanse
    my palate after a bowl, but I will try mellon now. One of the best things
    with Kava-Kava, for me, is the excellent sleep and vivid dreams that only
    Kava can give.
    Kava-Kava is legal in Canada ( but was not always), and is prohibited in
    many areas so check your local laws.

  10. I like this video, I love kava, but Andrew said it taste like chocolate but
    it does not, it kind of looks like chocolate or muddy water but the drink
    naturally does not taste like chocolate, there have been flavored kava
    drinks with chocolate though.
    I also liked the guy to the right of the screen, he seems so mellow and
    almost like he wants to fall asleep, must be good kava.

  11. What a Shame! White boys telling us what Kava is. Why is that Americans are
    always trying to demoralize someone else’s traditions to make a fuckn buck!
    Let’s set the record straight idiots, Kava is used for traditional purposes
    such as funerals, weddings and important family gatherings. Don’t listen to
    these ignorant fools who are trying to explain something that does not
    belong to them. I am Polynesian, and I am sadden when Americans take sacred
    traditions of other cultures to make a damn Dollar!

  12. I recommend meditating on Kava. Especially if youre having a hard time
    feeling it. Nice video!

  13. Bought Kava Kava 200 mg pills I bought from my local cvx took one and
    nothing happened,nothing at all,it’s made by natrol, can’t say I will be
    wasting any more money on this.

  14. I’ll save you 25 minutes of uselessness. This is a piss poor attempt at a
    kava kava review. There’s better ones out there, just keep looking.
    However, If you happen to be wondering about Nutella, then skip to 24:40

  15. Why do they do look high?
    I wanted to try it because of anxiety but I don’t want to look as those
    retarded hippies.

  16. you need to do your own research instead of trusting some random person on
    the internet to tell you anything. Especially a random person who doesn’t
    know what they are talking about. In all my research, the deaths I found
    that were attributed to this were mostly from people consuming the wrong
    parts of the plant. turns out companies would buy up the bad parts and sell
    them as genuine kava products when they were not. The root is the only part
    that should be taken, NOTHING ELSE. Go look it up.

  17. The nearly 25min video does not have time to go into all of that. It is a
    video on kava, not a class on kava and the history of it. The video is for
    a brief introduction to kava to those here in the States who have never
    heard of it. Those who are curious about it, can go into the kava bar and
    learn much more about it. The point of the bar is because kava is not
    widely available here in the US, so excuse the bars for making it
    commercially viable.

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