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How eating healthily can triple your shopping bill
Healthy food is three times more expensive than less nutritious alternatives, a study has found. And the cost of eating well is rising much faster than that of eating poorly. Researchers found that in 2012, the average price for 1,000 calories of
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Healthy diet costs three times that of junk food
The average increase of healthy foods rose by £1.84 per 1,000 calories over the decade, while unhealthy food rose by 73 pence for the same energy intake, the study found. Researchers from the University's Centre for Diet and Activity Research, called
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The incredible shrinking Sharpton: How Rev. Al lost 175 pounds
Sharpton has shed 60% of his much-mocked weight — and he did it without surgery, diet pills or a single Weight Watchers meeting. “I could take all the cartoons in the tabloid …. Total = 1,000 calories and 26g protein. For a man of his age and weight
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