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Eat Healthy Meals with the "Never Two in a Row" Plan
If you eat a bad meal, make the next one a healthy one…no exceptions! Opt for the side salad instead of extra french fries. Get grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken. Eat a healthy snack instead of more cookies and crackers. The goal here isn't
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Palmer: 5 Tips for a Healthier Weekly Meal Plan
When it comes to healthy eating, planning is key. Taking time each week to make a meal plan and prep healthy foods may sound like an overwhelming task, but a little time and effort on one day will provide benefits throughout the week to come.
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7 tips to make healthy eating less stressful
Here's a peek at my weekly routine to give you some inspiration for planning your own healthy meals. All you have to do is give yourself 30 minutes over the weekend to plan and prep with these tips: 1. Plan Your Meals. This can be as basic as choosing
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