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Natural Remedies For Anxiety That You Can Start Using Today
The University of Maryland's Medical Center reported lavender has been linked in a number of studies to reducing the effects of anxiety, and can also be used to treat insomnia, depression and fatigue. According to the university, "Research has
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Wilbur Hot Springs emerges from 2014 fire transformed – and not
Six weeks later, with no fewer than 180,000 pounds of debris hauled away, the wrought-iron gate to this Colusa County resort re-opened, and guests once more could soak in the soothing springs, a natural mineral bouillabaisse of sulphate, chloride
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Depression linked with lower breast cancer survival
Depression can also cause poor lifestyle behaviors that can contribute to a greater risk of death, such as chronic stress, unwillingness to comply with treatment and less adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Davies concluded, “Greater social support
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Depression: Light therapy
But this type of depression is a mild, transient, natural mental reaction to usual challenges we encounter and not the clinical disease we call mental disorder. It is when it persists, becomes worse and negatively impacts our daily activities that we

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