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Experts weigh in on diet plans
So that means an emphasis on meat, fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds. Since cows weren't domesticated in that era, the diet eliminates dairy, as well as legumes and grains. On a Paleo diet, most people eat a lot of protein
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Three Lesser Known Paleo Diet Facts
The Paleo diet is a diet that you might want to try if your goal or resolution is to lose weight in the New Year. The Paleo diet is a diet that basically says you should be eating like the cavemen from many years ago, which means eating a lot of fish
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What We Loved to Eat in 2015
No problem: No matter what diet you're following, sticking to your plan without sacrifice has never been easier. Veranda E (one of our picks in the December 2015 feature story “Decisions, Decisions”) now has gluten-free, paleo and Whole 30 options
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