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What Women Who Have Multiple Orgasms Say Is Their Secret
Researchers found that 47 percent of women surveyed say they regularly have multiple orgasms (i.e. more than one orgasm during a single sex or solo session). Sign up for Women's Health's new newsletter, So This Happened, to get the day's trending …
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Women's Health Aims to Reach Broader Audience With Podcast on Culture
“We want to broaden the way our readers think about us,” said Women's Health site director Lisa Chudnofsky, who had been brainstorming ways to tie mobile into the magazine's expansion strategy with senior issues editor Caitlin Abber. Abber suggested a …
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Do You Really Need to Load Up on Electrolytes When You Work Out?
Michael Jordan sure looks hot dripping beads of orange sports drink sweat, but just how much does gulping down a big ol' bottle of Gatorage put your workout into beast mode? Before you slide your hard-earned dollars into the gym's neon liquid-filled …
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