Leading Fitness Experts Unveil This Year’s Top Diet Pills, Weight-Loss Supplements, and Fat Burners

Leading Fitness Experts Unveil This Year’s Top Diet Pills, Weight-Loss Supplements, and Fat Burners

Denver, CO (PRWEB) January 9, 2007

Losing weight isn’t easy. Choosing a weight-loss supplement can be even harder. “With hundreds to choose from, it can be downright confusing,” claims Stephen Adele, the Editor-in-Chief of Real Solutions magazine.

Stephen goes on to say, “the good new is, weight-loss pills do work (at least some of them anyway), and they can help us get rid of ugly, unsightly bodyfat faster than diet and exercise alone.” In fact, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, weight-loss pills are a $ 1.7-billion market.

Here are this year’s favorites: hand picked by the health and fitness experts at Real Solutions magazine. Top weight-loss supplements backed by solid scientific evidence, proven to work, and which have reportedly satisfied thousands of people already.

Curvelle. Natural Weight Loss for Women

“New Curvelle is the perfect diet pill for women searching for a natural way to faster weight loss,” purports their website. It goes on to read, “Using only pure, natural ingredients, Curvelle is a significant weight-loss breakthrough because it works to speed up your weight loss by slowing down blood sugar–preventing spikes and crashes and eliminating cravings for sugar and other foods that can wreck your diet, while rapidly burning excess calories for energy.”

“When taking Curvelle,” reports Kristina Krapf, a customer service specialist from the manufacturer, “users have noted they experience more energy, but thankfully they don’t become over-stimulated, and it doesn’t upset their stomach unlike other fat-loss supplements.” And a flyer used to market the product goes on to read, “Because Curvelle contains special antioxidants, it is ideal for women who want to look younger and more radiant on the outside, but just as importantly, want to feel healthier on the inside.”

“Curvelle does work fast though,” comments Ms. Krapf, “as users have reported losing up to seven pounds in the first week.” Side note: Curvelle will be highlighted this New Year as the hot, new swank diet pill at the upcoming Golden Globes® Awards “gifting” party hosted in Los Angeles in January. (http://www.myCurvelle.com)

Lean System 7. Advanced Metabolic Support

Voted the #1 fat-burner supplement by http://www.UltimateFatBurner.com (the web’s premier source for online reviews of weight-loss supplements), their ad claims, “Lean System 7 has been used successfully by over one-million people since its introduction over five years ago.” A company spokesperson comments, “Lean System 7 is perfect for men and women who are trying to lose the last 10 to 20 lbs from those stubborn trouble spots like the hips, waist, and thighs.”

The company’s website reads, “Lean System 7 contains a patented form of 7-Keto, a substance naturally produced in our bodies that declines with age and is the primary reason our metabolisms slow down. Lean System 7 was proven in a recent scientific study to safely increase your metabolism, and as a result, turn back the clock to more youthful, active metabolism to finally shed those unwanted pounds.” (http://www.LeanSystem7.com)

MX-LS7. The High-Performance Fat Burner for Men

Rated the #1 Best in Class Fat Burner by Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle magazine, the company’s ads claim, “New MX-LS7 is perfect for men who want an extreme thermogenic that delivers maximum intensity and strips away fat, fast.” Starting with the core from the original clinically researched Lean System 7 formula, the company who manufactures MX-LS7, iSatori, claims to have seriously amped up the intensity and thermogenic impact using the most powerful, cutting-edge ingredients known to science in order to create MX-LS7.

A company representative, Shawn Wingate, noted “MX-LS7 is the only formula to contain Rapid Bio-Diffusion Delivery Technologyâ„¢, so it starts working from the very first dose to eliminate stubborn bodyfat, fast. So, MX-LS7 is ideal for guys who want all the perks that come with chiseled, granite-like abs.” According to users who’ve tried it, they claim nothing is stronger, and nothing works faster. (http://www.MX-LS7.com)

Energize. The All-Day Energy and Calorie-Burning Pill

Boasted as the #1 Energy pill by retailers nationwide, their website claims “Energize is perfect for men and women who want sustained energy and all-day calorie burning. That’s because Energize was developed to safely give our bodies back the energy it needs and to keep our energy levels up longer.” In fact, as their clinical studies suggest, one dose of Energize in the morning keeps your body and mind energized all day long.

Looking over the ingredients we see they’ve combined a unique blend of B-vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and as a company operator commented, “Energize works with your body’s natural ability to burn calories for energy and is ideal for those days when we need to boost our energy, fight off mid-day fatigue, and think more clearly” All while burning extra calories to boot. We like that. (http://www.EnergizeMyLife.com)

These weight-loss supplements are available at retailers nationwide, including GNC, VitaminWorld, Vitaminshoppe, and online retailers such as Drugstore.com (http://www.drugstore.com). Or, check out their websites, where you can order direct, find out more information, or locate your nearest retailer. (Bonus: they all come with a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee).

About Real Solutions (http://www.RealSolutionsMag.com):

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