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Rawtella Chocolate SpreadOne truly decadent experience- Uses whole hazelnuts – not just pieces or powder- We use fresh and soaked/dehydrated hazelnuts- Sweetened with truly raw coconut sugar- High in natural minerals- Anti-oxidant rich- Made with certified organic ingredients- Stone Ground- 100% Raw- Gluten-Free- No added oils- 20+ hazelnuts in every jarIngredients- Organic fresh and raw, soaked/dehydrated hazelnuts- Organic raw cacao nibs- Truly raw coconut sugarThe Many Uses of Rawtella- Ice cream topping- Spread over berries and fruits- Spread over croissants and crepes- Perfect to make hot chocolate- Perfect for chocolate fondueWhat is Rawtella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread?Rawtella is truly an artisan product. Every step in the process involves people connected to their craft. From the small farmers growing the ingredients sourced around the world, to the chocolate craftsmen who make Rawtella in small batches, each step in the process is thoughtfully considered to provide you with the best chocolate hazelnut spread in the world. Is Rawtella certified organic?Rawtella is 100% USDA certified organic. Is Rawtella 100% Raw?Yes, our product exceeds 100% raw. Our hazelnuts are soaked and germinated. The cacao nibs are from Ecuador and are gently fermented and dried at low temperatures. The coconut sugar we use is from Coconut Secret which is one of the only companies that creates a truly raw coconut sugar. What does Rawtella taste like?If heaven had a taste, it would be Rawtella. Rawtella has a creamy, smooth dark chocolate taste with a subtle salty hazelnut flavor and just the perfect sweetness from the coconut sugar. How should Rawtella be stored?Jars of Rawtella should be stored at room temperature. Keep the jar tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place to maintain maximum flavor. Do not refrigerate. It is ok to warm the Rawtella in a bowl to further soften it or create fondue. Is there any caffeine in Rawtella?Since raw cacao is an ingredient in Rawtella, there is just a small amount of caffeine in a one tablespoon serving. Are there any hydrogenated oils in Rawtella?No. Our ingredients are as follows: Hazelnuts, Cacao Nibs, and Coconut Sugar. We do not believe in putting oils in our products. What is the shelf life of Rawtella?Rawtella has a shelf life of up to 12 months

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