Fast Weight Loss Diet

LOSE WEIGHT with 20 Healthy ZERO Calorie Foods

Foods on this list of Negative Calorie Food require your body to burn more calories to digest them then their actual calorie content. To makeup for this calo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Visit that link for the Full List of Negative Calorie Foods This video will reveal the #1 diet secret of negative …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. yes like she told they burn more calories then they are. so if you eat a
    strawberry that is 100 calories it may take your body 110 to burn it. 

  2. Be sure to check out ‘the dirty dozen’ and the ‘clean fifteen’. This is
    regarding organic foods. Eg, bell peppers should be bought as organic. Same
    w’ apples. Other juices can be carrot or coconut. Tell grandma not to
    ‘treat’/spoil your kids w’ the crap she gives them, as it tramples all over
    your good habits.

  3. I’ve been doing pretty good but I need to find ways to add Kelp into my
    diet. I have heard good things about it. Thanks for the video.

  4. Hey this has nothing to do with this video but you gave me confidence to
    start my hair journey. I just got my relaxed today is there any other steps
    I need to take besides m&s when I go to sleep tonight? When she I do my
    first co-wash? Thanks in advance, I love ur videos

  5. 1. Negative calorie foods are a ridiculous myth, digesting food doesn’t
    take a whole lot of calories, especially if it’s sugar(fruit).
    2. You’re losing weight because you’re consuming less calories than you
    3. You’re doing this at the cost of your health and will eventually gain
    the weight back, your body will start to protest against forced
    4. There are good ways of getting in shape where it takes time and the body
    lasts, this is not one of them. Slow and steady wins the race, speedy loses
    muscle, fucks their body up and often develops an eating disorder.

  6. I went from 176 to 150 on this diet in less than a month and feel great. I
    do take nutritional supplements which helped. I started eating limited
    amounts of rice, pasta and potatoes just to stabilize when I attained my
    goal and it’s working.

    LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    are able to bulk up so easily with “Ripped Max Stagger” (go Google it).

  9. @1010MUFC I have been eating and doing this diet for 2 years i am fine.I
    lost loads of fat not muscle my doctor even confirmed it.

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  14. Bullshitt this is crazyyy.. this fruits and vegies and the b est for losing
    weight.. i lost 16 kilos eating vegies, fruits, NOT RED MEAT, NOT BANANA,
    NOT ALCOHOL, and just half cup of carbs per day…

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  16. there’s no such thing as negative calorie foods, this video is just a bunch
    of bull shit. IT does take calories to digest your food, but not enough to
    make a difference. Just stop being lazy fucks trying to find the easy way
    out. Get off your ass and get to the gym and just eat right in general

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