Mega hCg weight loss – 30 lbs in 20 days!

Hi, Many people on Youtube have sent emails asking where I get my HCG…so here it is! I order from EscrowRefills.com And here’s the thing… If you need to order like I did, you will get a .00 credit off your first order. All you have to do is enter the invitation code: CID213223 on their homepage www.EscrowRefills.com Since 2004 they have supplied fully licensed medications all over the world. I’ve used them before and they are fully legit. Just login with this invitation code CID213223 and you will be instantly credited the .00 towards your first purchase. Let me know your results!. Thanks Edwin PS Important: To get your .00 credit, you MUST use the invitation code CID213223 when you order from www.escrowrefills.com
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  1. Hi, have you heard of this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google). My sister says it helps people lose weight easily.

  2. Hello, have you seen this program called the MegaMax Muscle Maker? (go search google). My cousin says it helps people get ripped.

  3. Sup, have you thought about the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look it up on google). My mother says it helps people live longer.

  4. Sup, have you seen this program called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (Google it). My coworker says it helps people live longer. Thoughts?

  5. I think so since it contains natural fats. I think you should
    checked the program offered by the site:
    It has complete list of all the foods that shouldnt be taken
    in order to lose weight. Ive tried it and it worked great!

  6. @nzajslq
    I’ve never felt so good after loosing 29 pounds last month. The secret is in the food! Get the right diet and everything falls into place. Check out the Weight Loss Road Map if you wanna know how to eat correctly. It won’t be free for long so get it quick => bit.ly/LmndTU?=dwbuqj

  7. Hi, have you heard of this program called the Max Muscle Method? (check google). My cousin says it gets people ripped fast.

  8. Fat Combust Factors (google it) kept appearing on many videos thus I thought they were scam. But after my brother follow it, and lost alot of unwanted fats, Im persuaded. Go ahead, search for Fat Combust Factors on google(:

  9. Lets face it we are watching this video because we are not satisfied with how our body are looking now and we want to look good again.. There should be a valid reason why so many of us have extra belly fat, its because the diet and weight loss machine that dont work. You guys need go through this video as it exposed all these scams. This vid is found at the Fat Combust Factor (just google it) Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother burned lots of unwanted fats.

  10. iam doing the hcg diet iam on my 2 day man i feel good,and i loss 4 pounds i been working out,iam eating right,good job keep up the good work


  12. Hi Carter! I am thinking about starting this HCG diet in a couple of weeks. I will have to wait unitl my cold is over per the doctor but after that I would like to try it. You have convinced me and I hope once I start that I continue to watch your progress! Keep up the good work and continue to put God first in everything that you do!

  13. Also Fluoride in your water is sooooooooooooo bad! fluoride shuts down your thyroid, just google it. So we all wonder why are we getting so fat. Aspartame, Msg, High fructose corn syrup and Fluoride…bad bad bad and worst!

  14. I just had a baby 7 months ago and I’m not losing the weight the way I want to so I wanted to use the HCG diet, but I want to make sure I get the right kind. So What brand did you use? Where did you purchase it?

  15. I dont under i have been on this diet for 2 weeks now i have only lost 11lbs.I was told by my dr. not to excersice. GREAT JOB!!! i almost gave up my 1week. thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Hello first of all great video and the thanks for sharing your experience with all of us!

    for the people who are confuse about using hcg products please call HCG direct here is the number CALL NOW 866-943-6381 Free coaches will guide you !

    all the best

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