One Million User Opinions in January Drive Ranker?s ?Rankings of Everything?

One Million User Opinions in January Drive Ranker’s “Rankings of Everything”

Ranker is the web’s leading source for crowdsourced opinions.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

Ranker, the web’s leading source for crowdsourced answers to opinion-based questions, announced that ranker.com collected over one million votes on list items in the month of January 2013, on topics as diverse as the Best Reasons to Support a Company, the Best Quarterbacks of All-Time, 2013’s Most Anticipated Movies, and the Best Gluten-free Crackers. Since introducing voting on lists in 2011, the site has seen 10X growth in the rate of monthly votes over the past 15 months.

“The list format is ubiquitous on the internet and is used by most major media websites to drive traffic,” explained Clark Benson, founder and CEO. “The unique part about the Ranker platform is that our rankings are built by the combined votes of our users. Since almost 15% of visitors to our lists end up voting on specific items, our crowdsourced rankings are constantly changing and getting better every day.”

Traffic to the site has been growing steadily, with Ranker recently crossing the Top 600 domestic websites according to Quantcast. The entity most voted on across lists on Ranker is the actress, Scartlett Johansson, while Michael Jordan has the most positive votes, across various basketball related lists. Among the items with the highest ratios of positive to negative votes in January were the luggage brand Tumi, and the Kit-Kat bar.

In addition to crowdsourced rankings, each shaped by the opinions of hundreds, or often thousands, of people, the data Ranker collects from user voting behavior can be cross-correlated. Because visitors often vote on multiple lists across many different topics, Ranker has been able to build an “opinion graph” of psychographic consumer interest data.

According to Ravi Iyer, Ranker’s principal data scientist, “The unique added value of our opinion graph is that edges in our graph represent not only what people ‘like’ or are interested in, but also what they specifically find ‘annoying’, ‘overrated’, ‘hot’, ‘scary’, or ‘funny’. Because our site leverages semantic data with strong identifiers, in addition to telling you who is afraid of heart disease, we can tell you the specific opinions of such individuals about a wide variety of other topics.”.

Ranker’s opinion graph has grown to 5.7 million “edges”, doubling in the last 6 months. For example, by surveying football fans during the last NFL season, Ranker was able to determine that fans of the San Francisco 49ers have eclectic tastes for food items like feta cheese, rocky road ice cream, and cosmopolitans, while fans of the Baltimore Ravens had more mundane tastes for foods like ham, bell peppers, and coffee. In addition to surveying opinions at Ranker.com, Ranker also collects data via a free distributed app that allows other blogs and websites to add crowdsourced rankings to their pages.

About Ranker

Ranker was launched in 2009 by Clark Benson, a serial entrepreneur with four prior successes. The last was eCrush, a top 10 online dating service that was acquired by Hearst. Ranker is backed by Draper Associates, Rincon Venture Partners, Siemer Ventures, Data Collective, Gil Elbaz, and various angels. Ranker has built out a platform for crowdsourcing the most credible answers to a broad selection of opinion-based questions.

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