MoreNiche Unveil New Commission Scheme — Split Commissions

MoreNiche Unveil New Commission Scheme — Split Commissions

MoreNiche Affiliate Network

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2010

UK affiliate company MoreNiche Ltd have perhaps paved the way for all affiliate marketing companies. Their affiliates market many household names including weight loss products such as Lipobind, Zotrim, UniqueHoodia and Proactol. With their ‘anything’s possible’ mentality and hunger for success they have taken 100,000 affiliates worldwide under their wing and guided them through the process of making money and being successful from affiliate marketing.

They have a team of affiliate managers that will work one on one to help affiliates get the most out of their endeavours. MoreNiche care about their affiliates and want them to succeed, after all, if you earn, they earn! It is a win win situation.

Always looking at different angles, MoreNiche pitched an idea to their weight loss brand Proactol after discovering that to date, 39.46% of their sales have more than one referrer involved in every sale, which they believe is due to the lifetime cookies that they offer with some recent sales even coming in from over a year ago. MoreNiche have come up with a pioneering new way of ensuring that their affiliates that are promoting and selling the Proactol brand on their websites will receive the commission that they deserve.

It always has been the last referrer that gets all the credit as they are considered the more important and they will always retain the most commission but now however, a brand new split commission system has been devised and it ensures that not only the last referrer (the one that closes the sale of Proactol) gets 30% commission but also the first referrer, the one who points the customer in the direction of Proactol also receives a bonus of £3.50/$ 5.00.

Proactol are the only merchant currently experimenting with this new unique technology, with the hopes that more merchants will follow suit. This will add significant value to the generic content produced by affiliates as opposed to brand bidders or voucher sites having all the control. This will also allow maximum exposure of the product across the network where there are currently 20-30 weight loss merchants all vying for the top spot, and it will act as an incentive to spur people on who may have only considered affiliate marketing to give it a go themselves.

The weight loss market is extremely competitive and affiliates targeting weight loss need all the help they can get to succeed. There is currently no other affiliate network offering this system.

MoreNiche’s Managing director Andrew Slack tells us that if the system proves to be popular enough, that they intend to make this brand new split commissions feature available across the spectrum to all their merchants in the future which will bring increased flexibility and a better advantage for affiliates.


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