Natural diet vegetable drink P1 cure prevent Illness muscle aches cancer allergies migraine headache

Jason Hunt Goes over the health benefits of all natural raw juice. Fight cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, how to get rid of migraine headaches, muscle aches, fibromialgea, strengthen bones, relieve anxiety, stop ADD, attention deficit disorder, insomnia, loose weight, kill free radicals, morning sickness, nausea, solve digestion issues, muscle aches, all with a simple all natural healthy juice drink made fresh at home. Cancer high blood pressure cure migraine headaches insomnia weight loss free radicals bone ADD alkaline acid acidic Natural diet vegetable drink P1 cure prevent Illness muscle aches cancer allergies migraine headache cures diet drink loose weight diet self improvement loose weight juice and its all natural and cheap a Natural diet vegetable drink P1 cure prevent Illness muscle aches cancer allergies migraine headache


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  5. Yes its good – If you drink alkali juices – such as say a spinache, kale and cabbage - blend it with water and drink – it’ll cleanse your system and get rid of a lot of health issues – and pimples is one of them

  6. avoiding meat, eggs, fish, liver & milk. am only using vegetable juice for 3 three months time to make my immune system better & for pimples .
    Is that okay ?? please someone tell me please ? ( and sorry for my bad english )

  7. This is great Jason – I loved the way you explained the benefits of the vegetables and juices, and learned some very useful information.

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  9. Great video. Thanks for sharing your message of health.

    I have been into natural health for over 35 years and it has saved my life. Great job.

  10. great video RAW wheat germ I have heard has great vit. B complex! most stores dont carry Raw wheat germ they carry wheat germ but not RAW…

  11. I love garlic, but never take garlic with antibiotics- huge intestinal conflicts will ensue. Love the vid, lots of energy.

  12. explained very well good to see videos like this ,folks we dont have have to be rocket scientist to keep and stay healthy matter of fact the scientist are the ones who experiment and make drugs to keep us unhealthy i been doing all these things and more and kept my blood pressure down diabetes away my weight is down form 290 to 240 i have more energy and feel alot better thanks for this video

  13. Enjoyed this video thanks 🙂 Your explanations are very real! I’m having veg juice most days now.. also check out Water kefir Ginger ale!

  14. Thanks for the great video. Spread the word!!!! I am already a huge juicer……do heavy green juicing daily, parsley, kale, swiss chard, spinach, carrots, apples, beets and beet greens. Four years ago I was very very sick but completely repaired my health through juicing. I wish I could convince everyone to juice. The best part for me is that I have a huge organic garden and juicing fresh picked veggies is incredible. You can feel the power of fresh greens immediately!

  15. Sweet post. Excellent information. Thank you for taking the time to post. I do believe tomatoes have a ph of 4.6 however, and are on the acidic side of the ph scale….?

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