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Natural Healing – My Super Anti Inflammatory Drink Recipe

Inflammation sucks. Here’s my natural remedy to reduce inflammation symptoms without using any nasty drugs or chemicals. This tea may help with: Cancer Infla…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Natural Healing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I want to thankfully. Thank you for I have muscle n disc pain plus I think
    its the Ginger. Cause. Chamolie. Just relaxes. 🙂 thkx

  2. I make this from chamomile I raise and it’s great.. Good for your tummy.. I
    have IBS and it does help..I make it by the quart and drink it throughout
    the day.. I also add plantain (for IBS), clover and tea.. Works wonders and
    tastes good..

  3. u got such a soothing voice and very clear and well spoken,i really liked
    your video,i have ulcerative colitis and this will help so much.thank you.

  4. Tea to help reduce inflammation. Although honey has many great benefits,
    you may leave it out if you are trying to stay away from sugars (even

  5. hi all, tried this formula and it’s great, I tried to find something other
    than anti inflammatory tablets to relieve stiff elbows, (play a lot of
    badminton) and wow, its really good and helps me sleep better, thanks for
    uploading this info, it’s been really useful and it works, thankyou very
    much friend.

  6. I would recommend daily before retiring to bed (about 1 hour before
    sleeping). It will help you get a good nights sleep. It’s a good idea to
    use it regularly. The tea is Chamomile tea – fresh ginger works better than
    powder IMO and always use organic wherever possible for the best results.
    This drink heals my allergies and inflammation very effectively 🙂

  7. i work out a lot and my knees really hurt after working out and i wonder if
    this would help relieve my knee pain and how fast should it start working

  8. Hey I’m the first to comment 🙂 I think thi sis a great video, thanks for
    taking the time out to post it. Do you think ginger powder is effective?
    Also, is that Chamomile Tea or a different tea?

  9. I truly appreciate this video Thanks Again. Keep writing. Wow, great
    article. Fantastic. try napolea cactus juice if you ewant more info message

  10. I’ll give it a shot. I just saw an infomercial about the nopalea
    anti-inflammatory drink which I am a bit skeptical about. I hope it works

  11. Dr.Schulze is a HERO who deserves so much more recognition. If everyone had
    this mans passion the world would change in a day.

  12. who had heavily been promoting both Schulze and Biser at the time and
    really hurt the guy as this was his life,..helping others. Someone I helped
    finally made a website for me and posted the series and I was very careful
    to not post the link publicly and

  13. That you (but no thanks) for the warning that you are forced to put up by
    the evil people. And yes, I do take this as an educational purpose to treat

  14. well I am not sure who the poster was but they had the whole Dr Schulze
    save your life incurables program series on here. I have helped thousands
    of very ill people and one of the things they need to see is this series.
    Sam Biser apparently holds the copyright and has removed dozens of these
    but he does not hold this one so it will probably say and also can be found
    elsewhere. The really good videos but Schulze is the save your life ones as
    Biser was able to pulls much info from

  15. dang well it looks like biser got another one the whole 12 videos of the
    save your life program just got removed. He does this all the time, I hate
    Sam Biser. Now nowhere to send the very sick and dying..I knew it was just
    a matter of time.

  16. Schulze that was very helpful. But he has removed it from the internet
    dozens of times sending legal threats even though he was not using it,
    selling it or making it available for 15 years while people were dying, He
    sent really mean legal threats to my teacher

  17. Hello wowbenji,what do you mean”got another one”?, i shared a link about
    Schulze but it it had a copyright claim agaisnt it, let me know? Thanks!

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