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Natural remedy for anxiety, How to treat anxiety naturally with music

For natural anxiety relief, Isochronic tones are the way of the future. Use this music as a natural remedy for anxiety. Music starts at 12 Hz – slides down t…
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  1. Is this safe to use if you’re taking anti depressant medication? I’ve heard
    that some meditations and hypnosis is not recommended with the use of

  2. I’m suffering from postpartum anxiety and this actually helped me relax 🙂
    I have tried chamomile and green tea but I only found passion flower tea
    effective. But now that I listened to this it helped way more than the
    passion flower tea. Thanks for the upload Jason! 

  3. Latter part of your description refer to “binaural beats” ..
    BUT sounds like isochronic tones are entraining brain waves into our CALM
    Space© – where Mind-Body healing is enhanced.
    Please CLARIFY – and say if works with-OUT headphones [see my email]

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