Is “natural vanilla flavor” halal?

Question by : Is “natural vanilla flavor” halal?
Is “natural vanilla flavor” halal?
I want to buy the “Mega Teen Sports” multivitamin from GNC because my physical therapist recommended I take vitamins to keep my surgically-repaired knee healthy. I was considering buying the new “Noor Vitamins” but a lot of their claims aren’t FDA certified yet. What multivitamins are certified halal in case this particular vitamin I want is haram?

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*Lightning crashes*

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  1. It’s an orchid that originated in Mexico, as I understand it. So it’s a bean pod from an orchid. Does that mean anything to you?

  2. Why anyone would want to go through life this way, worrying about trivialities, is beyond me. Friend, religion is evil and god does not exist. Enjoy your vitamin and enjoy life in reality.

  3. It depends on how it’s processed. Vanilla extract (and even imitation vanilla extract) contain alcohol and are haram. If an alcohol content is not listed in the ingredients, or it does not say “extract” then it should be okay, as long as it doesn’t contain gelatin. If it does, you’ll probably have to call the 800 number on the bottle to check the source of the gelatin.

    Keep watch on the labels, if you find a K, a U with a circle around it, or the hebrew letter kaf, then this symbol means the product is certified kosher and, as long as there is no alcohol, means it is also halal.

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