Is Organic Produce More Nutritious than Non-Organic? Do You use Tap Water? and other Q&A

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening related questions. In this episode you will discover the answers these questions a…


  1. I live in the country in Southern Minnesota…we have the blackest dirt, and everything seems to grow great…I use organic seeds only.

  2. I kinda agree! A whole lot of hocus pocus surrounding bio-dynamic is completely BS.

    However, have you heard the old saying, “Sometimes even the blind squirrel finds a nut.”?

    If you throw out the hocus pocus stuff, and look at some of the other parts of biodynamic. You find out it scientifically does have many parts to the system that benefit producing high quality organic food.

    It’s a shame the authors and developers of biodynamic had to include so much BS along with the good info.

  3. Why bio-dynamic? That system is far less scientific than the already silly Certified Organic standards. It is literally a bunch of spells and potions. Where’s the evidence?

  4. @Nameless958 you could put up a frame of sorts that will block wind or if you can a green house, if your stuff is low to the ground then a cold frame green house might work perfectly if it dosnt grow too high

  5. you are not at all kidding about how evil Monsanto is. That is an example of the evil corporation. I would say the are inline with the Umbrella corporation from Resident evil movies.

  6. For that to happen, we need to annihilate the greatest enemy that Mother Nature has ever encountered since the dawn of man himself, monsanto.

  7. Everyone just farm your own stuff. I figured I will try to also get seeds from things that I plant and give them to people or randomly plant them in public places. It would be nice to just pick out a fruit or veggie while walking down the sidewalk. We can probably organize organic communities if we put our minds to it. Going to drink my daily veggie/fruit juice now. Cheers everyone. Nice informative video John as always. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes…I am aware in the very lax organic standards in the USA and Canada. Certified Organic does not mean what it once did. Bio-dynamic is the way to go as taught by Rudolph Steiner.

  9. I could use some advice. I have recently move to an area that gets very high winds. I am concern that, when Spring comes around, anything I grow will be destroyed by the winds. Is there anything I can do to help protect my crops against the wind?

  10. You insinuate that there were “big agra” and “chemical corporation” people who funded and “oversaw” the study with results you don’t like. Do you have evidence of this? If not, why do you say this?

  11. Who funded & oversaw the Stanford meta-study? (Big agra, chemical corporations, perhaps?)

    John, have you seen “The Fluoride Deception”? If you haven’t, I highly suggest you check it out; ‘NaturalNews . Com’ has it available, it’s also on YouTube.

    Have you seen the documentaries “What In The World Are They Spraying,” as well as “Why In The World Are They Spraying?”

    Have you seen the documentary “Genetic Roulette”?

    I also know people who work/ed for Monsanto are in the FDA & USDA; very scary.

  12. In the context of agriculture, “organic” is a marketing title which is licensed when the government certifies that certain restrictions are adhered to. It has nothing to do with pH. The acidity of plants and their environments vary greatly, from basic, to neutral, to acidic. The nutrients vary as well, but, as with temperature, our bodies are quite capable of regulating their own pH.

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