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Variety With Eating Healthy?

Question by An[)R0i[): Variety With Eating Healthy?
I’m a college student,
So yeah, I guess that would mean that I’m on a “tight budget.”
But I was wondering if anyone knew any websites that had healthy, simple daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacky food ideas.

I usually eat pastas and soup,
Or a sandwich and lots of yogurt, Cereal and toast for breakfast, etc.

I want to have variety in my diet but eat healthy every day, also.
I know I don’t eat UNhealthy,
But I would like to eat healthiER!


Best answer:

Answer by Miss Amanda ♥
eat some whole grains and buy some FRUITS N VEGGiES <3 aha i love em :] you can bring em to class and stuff nuts are good too :] just like a handful a day try a whole grain bread w. some low fat cream cheese and sliced strawberries :] sooooo goood cereals....get mutli-grain or ones low in sugar soups.. watch the SODIUM most progresso soups have your WHOLE amount of sodium for a day and a little extra! Get low sodium soups :]

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Zinga Frozen Yogurt at Willow Lawn Hosts Grand Opening Celebration with Bieber Fever

Zinga Frozen Yogurt at Willow Lawn Hosts Grand Opening Celebration with Bieber Fever

Register at Zinga to win TWO tickets to see Justin Bieber in Wash, DC!

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

Zinga, the world’s best frozen yogurt, will host it’s Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, August 11th from 11am – 9pm. Zinga Frozen Yogurt of Willow Lawn is located at the intersection of W. Broad St. and Willow Lawn Dr. next to Jason’s Deli.

The highlight of the celebration will be a live “INSTANT BEACH” remote broadcast from Jackson, of Q94 Radio in Richmond, VA from 12-2 pm. Beginning August 6th, fans may come into Zinga Willow Lawn and register to win two free tickets to the Justin Bieber “BELIEVE” concert November 5th at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC @ 7 pm. Fans are eligible to register one time each day/per person from August 6th – August 11th at ZINGA Willow Lawn. Registration ends at 1:45 pm on August 11th. Drawing to be held at 2 PM during the Radio Remote at the Zinga store.

Beginning August 6th and through the Grand Opening, ZINGA will be featuring a special “Beiber Fever Favorite Flavor” and the first “94” people in line for the Grand Opening will receive a Zinga “FALL 2012 Sweet Rewards Card” good for 8 free, 10 ounce frozen yogurts. They may claim one free yogurt each week for 8 straight weeks beginning September 1st.

The Q94 “Instant Beach” remote will include activities planned and prepared by the radio station for fun games and instant prizes with several opportunities for “Chances to win” throughout the entire day at ZINGA’s grand opening. All purchases at Zinga during the Grand Opening will be offered at a 25% discount. [See more details on the Q94 website.

Zinga Frozen Yogurt offers twelve flavors of delicious frozen yogurt daily. This self-serve concept enables customers to mix and match any combination of these flavors with over 50 toppings including fresh fruits. Customers create the size dessert they want and then pay by the ounce. With over forty flavors in rotation, from Pacific Coast Tart to Cookies and Cream, there is something for everyone. A no-sugar-added yogurt and a dairy-free sorbet are typically among the options. Most flavors are gluten free and all frozen yogurt flavors contain live, active cultures.

Mike Sposa, longtime Virginia area resident, is the Zinga area developer for the Richmond area. “We are thrilled to bring Zinga to the Virginia Region,” says Sposa who grew up in the Richmond area and attended Douglas Freeman High School and Old Dominion University. “We immediately saw the growth potential in self-serve frozen yogurt. It’s an exciting concept with both sophisticated and comfort flavors that’s new to this region. We’re confident it’s going to be very well received and are excited to be part of the team.”

John Fitchett, Zinga President, says, “We’re excited to expand Zinga’s high quality frozen yogurt experience to Richmond. With Mike’s proven track record and longtime community ties, Mid-Atlantic Union, LLC, Inc. were clearly the right choice as our partner to introduce Zinga to Richmond.”

At Zinga Frozen Yogurt, quality is a top priority and the toppings bar is no exception. Each topping is selected with the highest standards; such as fresh fruit that is hand-cut daily in-store. Every item offers a unique and delicious complement to the Zinga frozen yogurt flavors.

In addition to frozen yogurt and toppings, Zinga uniquely offers fresh baked “bottoms” for your indulgence. The bottoms are baked in-store daily and include vanilla and gluten-free chocolate cake, waffle bowls, brownies and other seasonal selections.

Local fans that want up-to-the minute news and daily flavor information can find Zinga Frozen Yogurt at Monticello on Facebook at

Zinga Frozen Yogurt is located at 1700 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, VA 23230 Phone: 804-288-0206. For additional information, contact Mike Sposa at 703-856-1426 or mike(dot)sposa(at)gmail(dot)com.

About Mid Atlantic Union, Inc.

Mike Sposa: Owner/Operator

Mike Sposa is a seasoned executive from the Consumer and Medical Device Industry. Prior to his involvement with Zinga, Mike was instrumental in the acquisition, development and growth of several startup corporations. Under his leadership as Vice President of Sales for Safeskin Corporation, Sposa was instrumental in positioning the company as “The Best Small Company in America” according to Forbes Magazine 1996. In 2000 the company was sold to Kimberly Clark Corporation where he continued to hold several key executive positions.

About Zinga

Established in early 2011, Zinga! the “World’s Best Frozen Yogurt”, is growing quickly in the self-serve frozen yogurt industry. “Franchise restaurant savvy leadership with restaurant savvy operators has fueled the company’s rapid growth” says John Fitchett, Zinga President.

Zinga has area development agreements already signed for more than 251 shops in the US. John Fitchett who grew up sixty miles East of Richmond in Urbanna and shopped for his school clothes right in Willow Lawn, recently joined Zinga Frozen Yogurt as the Company’s President. John’s restaurant industry career includes stints as an Area Director, a franchisee and Vice President of Development and Operations for large franchise restaurant chains.

For more information about our company and franchise opportunities, visit or contact us at marketing(at)zingafroyo(dot)com.

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Does anyone else think people are trying “too hard” to lose weight?

Question by Taylor ♂: Does anyone else think people are trying “too hard” to lose weight?
Now, I’m not a very scientific person, but I do know the easiest way to lose weight, that has worked for me since I was a kid.

I was fat in my younger years 5-10, until I had surgery that effected my abilities to eat for 5-10 days. I lost about 30 pounds, and that was the day I realized, holy shit I was so fat.

I vowed never to get fat again, so what I do is when I start to gain 1 to 2 pounds, I will stop eating for a short period, or eat less <--- (eat less)so, what I'm having trouble understanding is all these people around the world who say "they can't lose weight", or "it's soooo hard". Not eating, seriously? Hard?Now you may counter me, by saying something like the metabolisms are different, but I swear to you. "if you do not eat, or eat less, you will indeed lose weight".Now, as I said I'm not a science guy, so I don't really believe in Metabolisms, but I do know this..."if you burn more energy, you need more energy".so, working out, running, crunches etc. is not always the best way to lose weight. Sure, you can lose weight faster if you burn energy, and eat less, but if you continue you may crash. Now, when you burn energy for long periods of time (say 1 month), your mind tricks you into thinking you still need to eat the same amount of food. less if you burn less.ANYONE, who thinks "if I don't eat, I will die...please read this, and get over yourself..."f you have water and a certain amount of physical stamina, you can survive for many days without food. In fact, you may be able to go as long as 60 days, depending on your specific situation and a number of factors.", if you are having trouble fighting the urge to eat, then I would suggest replenishing your energy another way... ex. Coffee, energy drinks, Caffeine, or any other high sugar related item. You can actually gain energy off of drinks instead of foods. How does this help? Well, the only reason you get the "hungry" feel is because your mind is telling you, that you need energy, by refilling it with sugar,soda, etc. you will not feel hungry for a while. Just keep drinking 🙂For any of you thinking how retarded this all sounds, because you think it's very unhealthy, I am just going to say, you have only once chance to live, and you want something do not deprive of yourself of it. If you want to be fat go ahead, this is for people who want to lose some weight, and look as good as their neighbor. If I die from "unhealthy" eating, then so be it. At least my time on earth was filled with enjoyments, that others continue to deprive themselves from. In my sense, 10 happy years is greater then 20 unhappy years.My rant has ended.Best answer:

Answer by shan
If You Really Want To Loose Weight Fast And Effectively , Then Here Is A Website Where you will find may weight loss tips which i think may help you in achieving your goal

So have a look:-

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What’s a good “winter comfort food” option for people on a (mainly) raw health food diet?

Question by Rick: What’s a good “winter comfort food” option for people on a (mainly) raw health food diet?
I’m looking at starting a (mainly) healthy raw food diet, but it’s soooo hard during these cold winter months.

Can anyone suggest a “comfort food” that will suit this diet?

Best answer:

Answer by haha
sry no idea

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is FCNH “Florida College of Natural Health” a good school to go to?

Question by Cate: is FCNH “Florida College of Natural Health” a good school to go to?
I want to go to FCNH to get an associates in the paramedical program (aesthetics) i want to be a skin specialist , but I’m not sure if it is a good school or not. Have you gone to this school? or one of your friends or loved ones? if so please answer and let me know. i would really appreciate it. 🙂 any comments good or bad.

Best answer:

Answer by DrIG
Ratings and reviews of the school will be found below.

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Florida Medical Duo Offers Children a Healthy and Tasty Cookie that Helps them Learn

Florida Medical Duo Offers Children a Healthy and Tasty Cookie that Helps them Learn

Venice, Fla. (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

“Ambo Foods LLC, makers of Omega Cookie, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the “No Child Left Behind Act,” by encouraging higher school nutritional standards in their local schools”

Dr. Bo Martinsen and his wife, Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers – a pair of South Florida physicians and Omega-3 specialists explain – “We’re betting that our healthy, yet tasty, EPA/DHA and fiber-packed snack will help ensure that children’s brains are ready, willing and able to learn.”

Since starting their Venice-based company, their desire to move ahead with new ideas has grown into a passion to help others get healthy and stay that way.

Because of their groundbreaking Omega Cookie, Ambo Foods LLC won an innovation award at the 2010 annual Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County’s Hall of Fame awards.

Adding omega-3 to food is not a new idea, according to Martinsen. “But, Ambo Foods is the first company in the world to have successfully created a non-fish food that contains an effective dose of omega-3.”

“Individually packaged in cranberry, tropical, chocolate chip and ginger-raisin flavors, the Omega Cookie is the perfect addition to a school lunch box, and equally effective for an adult lunch,” Chalmers says. “But, the best part is that the cookie that is so good for you actually tastes good.”

Each Omega Cookie contains five grams of fiber [as much as a bowl of gluten-free oatmeal], seven capsules worth of omega-3 fish oil, [a full day’s dose,] as well as 200% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin D and 35% of the daily value of calcium. The cookies also have less sugar than an apple, which Chalmers says easily meets the limits recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

“The Omega Cookie doesn’t solve all of the country’s dietary problems, but it can help ensure that children’s brains can maximize the benefits of “No Child Left Behind,” Chalmers says, adding that is doesn’t make sense to send a child to school after he or she has fasted all night. “Without breakfast, mistakes and slower thinking are inevitable.”

To learn more about Omega Cookie or Ambo Foods, visit or call 866-414-0188.

About Ambo Foods: Founded in 2003 by two Omega-3 specialists and physicians – Bo Martinsen, M.D., and Anne-Marie Chalmers, M.D. – Ambo Foods offers several varieties of healthy cookies. Each Omega cookie contains seven capsules worth of omega-3 fish oil, five grams of fiber, 200% of the daily value of vitamin D and 35% of the daily value of calcium. Ambo Foods was named a winner in the category of innovation at the 2010 annual Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County’s Hall of Fame awards. The honor came as the result of being the first company to create a bakery product that contains an effective dose of omega-3 fish oil. For more information about the Omega Cookie or Ambo Foods, visit


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Q&A: What is your Back to School “check list”?

Question by Ultra Violet: What is your Back to School “check list”?
i don’t mean ‘pencils and pens’

but what do you want to get done before you start back school, what are your aims?

mine are:

get bigger muscles and be fitter
make my teeth whiter
not to snack
lead a healthy lifestyle
to get rid of dandruff 🙁
to get a new pair of stud earrings that i can wear all the time
a new chunky watch
a new haircut
clearer skin and less spots

what’s on your list?
another one of mine is to put on more weight
but without snacking and eating unhealthy foods

Best answer:

Answer by נα¢к! [ℓσѕт ιη ѕтєяєσ]
•become more confident
•lose about 5-10lbs.
•get an awesome haircut
•possibly dye hair blue [:

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Dieting Weightloss Guide for the Men and Women Who Want To Lose Weight Someday But Just Are Unable To Get Started