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paleorecipediet.vklt.com Learn how to eat and live like a “Caveman” by following the rules of the Paleo diet. The diet entails eating what our ancestors ate from the Paleolithic time period.


  1. I would like to see some evidence on that… as far as I know cavemen migrated along with the animals… you also see that happening with the traditional tribes in Africa as well..

  2. Sure, I’m glad you appreciate that. And yes if we were vegies while evolving we would be spending so much time eating we would have no time to develop. Just look at Gorillas. Very intelligent but waste 8 hours a day sitting and eating leaves
    so they achieve nothing.

    However I think many vegetarians in the west are spoilt. They are lucky they can even choose not to eat meat. Many people would love to be able to have the choice. While millions are starving.

    But at least you understand that point

  3. without meat we may never have evolved to where we are now, so true! the fact that meat is necessary for survival in the wilderness doesn’t mean that it’s necessary for thriving in modern society though.

  4. That’s because you happen to live in a society where you even have the choice to decide not to eat meat and have supermarkets making conveniant food for you.

    If human ancestors didn’t eat meat we would still be living in the jungle chewing on leaves for 8 hours a day.

  5. Humans eating meat is what seperated us from other apes and enabled us to grow large brains and power them.

  6. This is so stupid. I mean there are hungry people in africa and this people are being so picky when they eat. americas are so spoiled things like these should be regulated.

  7. Ok well there is also the Mediterranean lifestyle and Asian lifestyle and their fit n they eat rice! its all about PORTION n no processed food that’s KEY! and everyone is right NOT a DIET its a LIFESTYLE…AMERICA needs to stop eating junk food and they will see pounds and inches fad away and muscle build….ALL with EXERCISE of course!!!

  8. Paleo is not a ‘fad diet’ this makes me mad! Paleo is a dietary framework based on our evolution and therefore what our bodies are designed to eat! And it’s not low carb, see my video fruit is good for you!

  9. @qxjylgq your right as a personal trainer I can never tell me client enough the important of eating right to look fit but in day to day life many of my clients don’t have time to research Paleo eating and just want something easy and healthy at meal time thats why i give all my clients the Paleo recipe book and meal plan i recommend you get one if your serious about the Paleo diet > bit.ly/JgeJN0?=lmgwp

  10. You do have a good point here. The diet is based, however, on what we know was available to them. I agree with you in that the quantities of things may be off. However, cutting out the foods which unknowingly we struggle to digest changed my life. I believe that if something works for me as an individual, I’ll continue to do it.

  11. The only way I can think of that anyone could know 100% what people in the Paleo era ate on a daily/seasonal basis is if they found fossilized caveman poop of a substantial test group of cavemen and analyzed it extensively. Otherwise it’s just speculation and theory, which is dangerous to base an entire diet on.

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  13. Cavemen mostly ate vegetables and fruit, getting more than a few ounces of meat per day is unlikely. So frustrating to hear people saying that meat would have been the primary diet.

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