serious people please!! What is “Organic beef”? and……?

Question by The Irish Princess: serious people please!! What is “Organic beef”? and……?
how can you sell it?? and also what can you do with the beef??? I have to do this for a ag teacher! and he is not helping at all and I just don’t know so if you can help I would love your answers!!!
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Answer by ModernMyth
Organic beef means that the cow was not injected with any hormines or fed any chemicals. Not sure what you mean by “what can you do with the beef?”

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  1. Anything that is organic is considered to be chemical free. In the case of beef, it is the way the beef is raised, and what it is fed. Since this is a school project, I would recommend research via the internet. Just type in “Organic Beef” into your seach engine. Good luck

  2. When produce and meat products are labeled “organic”, they are purporting that in was produced without pesticides and/or other chemicals. Organic beef may mean that hormones were not used and the feed was grown without “chemicals”.
    This is a common use of the word “organic” which applies to anything that grows, plants or animals. In chemistry, it refers to a class of chemicals containing carbon atoms.
    The same is true for the term “natural” as opposed to synthetic. Tobacco is “natural”, so is heron, arsonic, snake venom, and lots of other poisons.

  3. You would need to follow guidelines with FSIS (Food safty and inspection services) they have a website FSIS.org.
    they have a ladies you can pose questions too.
    and you can sell it anywhere.

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