Period = Weight loss???

Question by Chrissssssyyy: Period = Weight loss???
I am a 13 year old, (5″4 and a half) girl, and got my period last Sunday. I’m still having it. Since Saturday morning, I was 109 pounds, SERIOUSLY, I weighed myself carefully, and this morning I was 102 pounds. It is the same scale, and up to date, and not broken. I compared it with the doctor’s last month.
I was wondering if this is normal, because I’m pretty scared, because couldn’t this be considered “rapid weight loss”?

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Answer by jeji_girl1812
it could be that you were still bloated when you weighed yourself the first time.
and unless you suddenly stopped eating, theres probably nothing going on. (i usually weigh 130, and one morning i woke up and weighed 126)
weight fluctuates, so i wouldn’t worry about it unless you continue to lose alot of weight in a short amount of time

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  1. part of pms is bloating and gaining water weight and as soon as period starts (for some) or ends you lose water weight your body retained
    (i can gain up to 15-20lbs water weight every month and then lose it overnight)

  2. weight loss with your period is very common. the week leading up to your period you will retain water. When you have your period your body will let go of all the water you had retained. Sometimes it is several pounds. If this weight loss continues after your period ends, make sure you see a doctor.

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