how can I persuade an audience to buy local as opposed to supermarkets?

Question by 98544: how can I persuade an audience to buy local as opposed to supermarkets?
i am doing a persuasive speech but i am having difficulty organizing it

would it be best to present three reason why people should or focus on one reason and why it is important?

and where can i get sources to back this up?

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Answer by Hamna
buying local is good for your city economy and helps out local farmers.Also it is more enviromentally friendly because they do not need ships, planes, and trucks to deliver it. It is more healthy too because probably there are no or less pesticides on it. I would say search it on google.

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  1. You should do your own research by shopping in real-time, during the shopping process, list pro and con, you should see more clearer.

    for example, if you shop local, you support local jobs, more convenient without long line, more personal with the owner, more attention to customer service than the big box, shop owner willing going extra mile for customer to build the business?

    is that enough for you yet?

  2. Multiple reasons would be good. You would be able to persuade different people based on their interests and social consciousness.

    If you cite “reduction of green house gases” since the produce doesn’t need to be trucked from distant farms, you appeal to the green or eco-conscious crowd.

    You could also cite the organic and healhful nature of locally grown produce over items fertilized, genetically altered, bug sprayed and waxed for supermarket distribution, which would apppeal to the health-conscious crowd.

    You could cite cost savings, to appeal to the cost-conscious crowd.

    By appealing to different members of the audience, you have a better chance of persuading them based on their interests, and the cumulative effect of the many beneifts of local produce would be compelling.

    You can find sources for your arguements on the internet, of course. Look up ‘locally grown produce” “eco-friendly produce” “food coops” etc. until you find what you need.

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