Q&A: If your husband or boyfriend says to you ” honey i think that you need to loss weight”, how do you respond?

Question by unidentified scared gurl: If your husband or boyfriend says to you ” honey i think that you need to loss weight”, how do you respond?
What do you think that he is saying to you and how would you react to this. Because when he told me i got mad and he didnt understand why i was upset….

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Answer by Basketcase
He sounds like Mr sensitive-not I totally understand why youre annoyed. Only do something about the weight if you want to do it for yourself

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  1. Hmm well that is slightly insenstive why dont you tell him HE needs to lose weight and see how he reacts…if he reacts hostile tell him that he shouldnt expecet anything different from you the only people who can tell or decide what weight you should be is you and your doctor.

  2. Obviously hes an id iot and needs a good slap in the face! Ditch him cuz he doesnt respect the way you look with leads to who you are. . .i think you catch my drift!

  3. Turn it into a relationship builder. Ask if he’ll like going to the gym with you, or maybe jogging to the sunrise or sunset. Diet together, don’t be offended, he’s simply thinking of your best interest. (And maybe his own too?)

  4. It depends on where he is coming from with his statement. If he wants you to lose weigh because he thinks your too pudgy or wants you to look better in a bikini then I would tell him off. But if he thinks your current weigh is effecting your health and he is concerned about your health then he is just concerned for you.

  5. first of all…my husband would not say that to me..
    but if he did i would first be hurt
    but then start thinking about it and try my best to do something about it…i do not blame you for being upset…it is hurtful
    hope this helps

  6. well ask him how he would fill if u thought he was too big and u asked him to loos weight! maby he will see bc thats just not a right thing to say to someone u love unless they say it in a better way!

  7. He is looking out for your health. Be thankful that you have someone who cares enough about you to tell you the truth for the sake of your health.

    Why is it that all of these fat biatches on Yahoo Answers think it’s an insult? This is a concern about health, you vanity laden biatches. Be cool. Lose weight for the sake of your health, not for the sake of how you look in the mirror, you fat a*sses.

  8. The truth hurts it really does.You could say ok I will lose weight for you but I need you to loose that fat head of yours!!!!!

  9. If your health is at serious risk from your weight then maybe its ok to say something but Id be upset if my husband couldnt think of a more sensitive way of putting it. If he just likes skinny girls and your not actually overweight then Id be really upset that he thinks I should change.

  10. It depends on how he said it. Did he say it in anger during a fight to hurt you? Or did he say it lovingly because he was concerned about your looks or health.Many people lose interest in their partners when they gain weight and that causes them to look else where. Maybe he is giving you a heads up on something that could be fatal if not taken seriously. Weight causes many health issues.He might be looking out for your best interests also. No matter what the reason, good or bad, maybe you should think about losing a little for your own sake. Just give him a sweet little kiss and say thank you dear.

  11. I think he could have been a bit more tactful in what he said (if he disapproves with the way you look)….I think i’d have been a bit mad too if my hubby said that to me, but once i’d calmed down i’d have thought about WHY he said it…
    If YOU feel your OK with your size,tell him something he doesn’t like about himself (revenge is sweet so they say lol), if your not happy about you weight either, then do as you must.

  12. Well, I think it’s pretty clear what he’s trying to say, but he’s being a complete jerk about it and anger seems like the most appropriate reaction. If he had half a brain, he would understand fully why you were upset and he would apologize for being so crass. Problem is, there’s no way he can really take it back and make it sound any better. He should be ashamed of himself…weak women with a bad self image can be severely emotionally damaged by comments like these.

  13. you should consider this question and look at ur self and ask do i need to lose weight? if ur husband is saying this or anything else u should consider it since he is trying to communicate something which he is not happy with. so if u personally feel the same do something about it will help u and ur relationship. but if u look in the mirror and ur happy then he has a problem with himself. so be honest and that will tell u a lot about ur relationship. i was there but i was so unhappy i made myself look really bad. i will never do that again. it was my excuse as to why he did not like me.

  14. Well, I would have mixed feelings.I hope he was being sincere and not arrogant. It would hurt but if I was honest with myself, Am I overweight? Did I look like this when I met him? Yes it would hurt.. But I would try to stay on the positive side and talk to him about it. I like to keep attractive for my husband..Plus it keeps his eyes on me.. I going through that now.. trying to loose a few pounds. I feel better about myself and my self-esteem is better..

  15. Honestly I think he was very polite about it, he even called you honey and everything, he did not call you any names like fat a$ $ or anything disrespectful for that matter, obviously he feels that he would be a little bit more happy with you physical aspect if you shed a few pounds. Talk with him about the subject and see what his feelings are about it and be open and let him now exactly how you feel about it as well.

  16. Young guys let this be a lesson, As older men have tried to tell you many times, if a woman asks if she is gaining weight, fat, etc. Never tell the truth! They will appreciate the deception and you will get to live.

  17. men r very visual creatures. they like they women 2 look good, smell good and have a good persona and ora about herself. They be wanting the total package when they are not a mere gift themselves. But if your man is a good man, take his feelings into consideration, step back and take a look. mayb u could loose a little bit to look better and feel better for yourself and your own health. But if hes just being an a$ $ hole, tell him to imagine life without you!

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