Q&A: How can I lose “baby fat” or as I call it, stomach rolls?

Question by Sabrinaaa: How can I lose “baby fat” or as I call it, stomach rolls?
Well, my belly is so fat, and my parents call it baby fat. Yeah, ok, im 13. the rest of my body is skinny but i want to lose the belly fat. how can i lose it ??? and what would be good to eat after i lose it so i dont gain it back?? thanks in advance 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Answer by GuoMingBao
Run. Eat fruits and vegetables. O_O

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  1. First let me dispel an old myth… there is no such thing as localized fat loss. In other words, you can’t lose belly fat by doing crunches. Our bodies burn off fat as differently from each other as how and where our bodies store fat.

    What you can control though is your overall body fat percentage. By decreasing your overall body fat percentage, you will also decrease your love handles.

    I would recommend getting a Body Composition done at a local gym (should cost no more than $ 20). Then start a diet program.

    Diet is the number one factor in losing weight, and I would recommend a high fiber, high fruit and vegetable, low carb, low fat diet.

    You also want to increase your muscle size (no, I am not talking about becoming manly). By doing light weight training, your muscles will consume more energy, increasing your fat loss. To top it off, you should begin a cardiovascular exercise program… running 3 times a week at least. Remember, intensity makes more difference than duration (i.e. push yourself).

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