Q&A: What is the meaning of “gluten free”?

Question by Grandmabird: What is the meaning of “gluten free”?
Is gluten only found in flour and flour products? Why the interest now in gluten free products? Just wondering. Thanks
Did not mean that it is only in flour, I know it is in flour from baking, just wondering why all the fuss and what foods it is in. As for limited carbs and dieting, as a diabetic I know what carbs are and corn and rice are high in carbs so not very good for a low carb diet.

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Answer by Aʀɩɛℓℓɛ
Well, gluten is basically like grain.

Since grain is high in carbohydrates, it will make you gain weight faster, so usually dieters don’t like gluten products. Another reason people don’t want gluten products is because they are allergic.

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  1. A protein that is found in cereal grains such as wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and kamut, but NOT in rice, quinoa, corn, buckwheat, or millet. It is a more common allergen than most people are aware of. The condition in which the body creates an immune response to products containing gluten is called Celiac disease.

  2. Great answers above!

    Even people who aren’t fully allergic to gluten often report feeling better, healthier, and more energetic after switching to gluten free baked goods.

    Gluten free foodies have a HUGE community online, believe it or not. There are a lot of sites where you can order food — my favorite is http://www.heavenmills.com

    In addition to gluten free breads and cakes, some of these sites sell gluten free baking materials, so you can make your own good stuff!

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