Q&A: Why does “Organic Milk” last 4x as long as “Non-organic?”?

Question by bigred1612: Why does “Organic Milk” last 4x as long as “Non-organic?”?
This is based on experience and I kid you not:
I go to the store to buy milk, I bring home any organic brand milk and it will be “good” for at least 1 month in my refridgerator. If I buy any other non organic milk (store brands are the worst though), the useful life is <1 week. Often it is even less than the "use by" date. A follow up question then, why if organic makes the milk last longer would they do whatever they do to the cows to make regular milk "decay" quicker; wouldn't it lower the yeild of the regular milk making it less profitable not more profitable? I simply don't believe that organic milk doesn't spoil because there's no chemicals in it. If this were true why in the world would they add chemicals to it? What's the point? Are you saying the organic milk does spoil you just can't smell it?Best answer:

Answer by Kate
It’s because the typical store brand milk has sooo many chemicals in it. It makes the milk go bad faster. Organic has way less chemicals and so it’s a more “pure” milk.

Store brand milk really DOES go bad faster than organic!

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  1. Organic milk does not have harmful chemicals and hormones contained in regular, non-organic milk. These substances promote the growth of harmful, milk decomposing bacteria, as well as breaking down milk themselves.

  2. Organic milk doesn’t spoil, it ferments to buttermilk with the help of Lactobacillus sp.. This is a natural process.

    Non-organic milk these days certainly spoils and the smell allows everyone in your highrise to know when it spoils.
    The spoiled milk smell is putrid.

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